FLW Prep Work at the WC

chalmers, cutter, spitvalve, uno, lead pipe, bronco, phileas, burgundy Warm ups mosey to start line for flw Pax were directed to complete the first mile of the course (timed). All pax met at 1mile marker and moved to field for: bear crawls/crawl bear, slow motion lunges/lunge backs, alligator merkins. mosey to football stadium for b2w […]

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Columbus Park Event

Sheriff, Silver Spoon, slider, bergundy, padawan, shiplap, ducksnort, webelos, gold. Warmups – ssh, mtn climber, oms, daisy picker, arm sretches thang 1 mosey to covered pation for 2 timed exercise rounds; 30 secs derkins, balls2wall, wall sits thang 2 mosey around park / pond to the field at goal line, there were cards with exercise

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Bear Worms and Slick Runs

Conditions: Rainy and dark. The overnight rains and muddy conditions called for a last-minute change of plans. Warmer: SSH, Shoulder Taps, Hillbilly Walkers, Daisy Cutters, Abe Vigodas/Seal Claps/Overheads Fellowship jog on the two block radius near the school. Thang 1: Partner up for a playground Dora. Partner A runs around the school, while Partner B

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Giuliani is the BOMB

We jogged to the Roos Center and back (about 3.8 miles), stopping for a set of BOMBS with the den crew. Closed out back home with some group plank. Ended with count, names, announcements and COT in praise of Giuliani. May we all aspire to his warmth and ease in our ease in our own

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Rocksteady Tabata

10 pax met in the gloom for a high intensity workout and some smooth 60’s era Jamaican beats. Conditions: 75 degrees, overcast and calm Warmup: SSH Daisy Pickers Mountain Man Poopers Don Quixotes Jog around Trinity Thang: Tabata 20 sec work followed by 10 sec rest. Repeat for 8 sets. 1 min rest between exercises.

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Running Around Doing Stuff

Today’s beatdown included a bit of a scenic tour around the neighborhood with a series of reps and other activities at each stop. Conditions: Warm, sunny, mid 60s. Warm Ups: motivators, hillbilly walkers, Abe Vigodas, Don Quixotes, Rossys, Daisy Pickers, overhead claps. @Monkey Island: high boat/low boat (1 min) alligator merkins across the midway 25

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The hills of OP

Conditions: ideal. 65, cool, beautiful. Warmup: ssh, mtn climbers, something else I missed cause I was late. Then hi knees, butt kickers, side shuffle, carioca, frankensteins and gate openers Run: Went to Fenwick via East Ave with a race pace pickup from the bridge to Madison. Then three trips up and down the parking garage

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S-Show Relay

Warmup (on asphalt) Abe Vigodas 25x each way in cad Daisy pickers 12x in cad Mountain man poopers 12x in cad Side straddle hops 25x 4 counts Bobby Hurley’s 12x (OYO) Apolo Ohno’s 12x (OYO) Imperial Walkers 4 count, 12x in cad Old Man stretch 20 count each side Finkle Swings 12 kicks each side

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nunnery 500

Attendees: tron, gold, spoon, slider, madoff, total recall Warmups: ssh, rossy, mtn climber, abe vigoda, daisy picker + lap around block Workout: We broke out into 2 groups of 3. On notecards each group selected at random: 500 rows w/ coupon followed by run around campus 400 squats w/ coupon followed by farmer/rifle carry around

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