Monthly Fitness Challenges

Monthly Challenges

This is the home of the F3 Chicago Region Monthly Fitness Challenges. Record your progress and see how you stack up against other PAX in the region.

August 2023

You Trippin’

This will be a bit of a stretch but with school starting in a few weeks, let’s enjoy those last summer days as much as we can. This months challenge: Post at an AO you don’t normally visit.

It can be in the same region or a different one. But get out there and meet some of your brothers.

A sheet will be available soon to record your field trips.

Previous Monthly Challenges

July 2023

Go Ruck Yourself

Let’s get those ruck miles in. Going out of town? Pack your ruck (add sand, rock, dirt in later when you get there). Cutting the grass? Throw on your ruck. Evening family walk? Ruck it. Wanted to meet up with Evanston or Parks & Wreck at one of their weekly ruck events? Do it. Record your miles.

June 2023

No Challenge This Month

School is letting out for the summer and lots of PAX are adjusting to updated life schedules. We’ll postpone the monthly challenge this month and resume in July.

May 2023

May Challenge from F3 Cleveland

This month we’re getting back to it and this one is brought to us by our brother at F3 Cleveland. Visit the website for more details and to sign up your team. Let’s represent Chicagoland and show the Nation what we’re made of.

April 2023

A Month of Clear Minds and Stretching

This month we’re going to switch things up a bit. We’ve all been told that stretching is an important part of our fitness, health and wellbeing but let’s face it: very few of us actually spend the time to stretch.

The goal for this month’s challenge is simple: find time every day to stretch for a minimum of 15 minutes. If you have your own app or class you attend, awesome. If not, I’ve signed up for some spam in order to provide everyone with a calendar to follow. Each day has a link to a YouTube video for some stretching activity.

Once you’re done, record your progress. One point for each day complete.

The second part of this is a focus on our minds. We’re highly distracted these days with screens. Turn that shit off. Aside from the stretching activities, you should have no screens on while your M and/or 2.0’s are around. Once they go to bed, get back to it.

Spend quality time with your family. One point for each evening that is screen free.

Record your progress.

March 2023

Cutter’s Chisel Challenge

The points are simple:
  • 1 point for each day completed,
  • 3 bonus points for every 7 straight days (Wednesday through Tuesday)
  • 10 bonus points for completing all 31 days
M = Merkin
B = Big boi
emom = every minute on the minute

Record your day. *No need to record Friday. You’ll automatically get that.

February 2023 Challenge

Show up, test yourself, discipline yourself: These three components are essential to F3 and the royalty race. Post for you and your brothers, track your progress, and discipline your food intake. Does the fartsack own you? Are you scared to measure your progress or face your decline? Are you in control of your caloric intake or does food consumption own you? Let’s find out.
  1. Post: AMPAP – As Many Posts as Possible, post often and record it.
  2. Workout*: F3 Fitness Test – Complete one or more of the regions quarterly fitness tests.
  3. Queen: The Discipline of what goes into your body – Fast from 7 pm to post workout (approx. 12hrs) (adds a 2x multiplier to your posting score for the day). Fast from 7pm to lunch (approx. 17hrs) (adds a 3x multiplier to your posting score for the day).
  • Gold: 40
  • Silver: 30
  • Bronze: 20
*You must participate in at least one Fitness Test to have your scores count for the month. Record your progress.