Track Practice

After a warmup of 20SSH, and 10 each of MMPs, Don Quixotes and Michael Phelps (and some Rossys thrown in as well), we moseyed over to the Concordia track. We ran 6*400s at 60%,70%, 80%, 90%, 100% and 90%, with 15 big bois and 15 merkins at the end of every 400, leaving every 4 […]

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Solid 5 for RunClub

Weather: high 60s, clear Warmups: 25 side straddle hops, 10 hillbilly walkers, 10 fire hydrant stretches, old man stretch, daisy pickers, rossy stretch Workout: run from AO to parking garage on Oak Park Ave, run to top of garage to other stairwell, run down (repeat 3x); run north on Oak Park Ave to Thomas, east

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Going Ape

Warm up: Old Man Stretch / Rossys / daisy pickers / mountain men / Abe Vigodas / overhead claps / side straddle hops   Mosey around block; 10 monkey humpers at each corner; karaoke along the N and S sides   Thang 1: x3 Ape walk N – 10 zookeeper burpees Gorilla lunge S- 10 serpent

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Happy Monkey Humpers

After a brief warmup of arm circles f/b, Daisy pickers, and Michael Phelps, (10 of each in cadence) we made our way over to the Den to help Don Jr. celebrate his 60th by surrounding him and doing 60 total monkey Humpers (10 each from 6 PAX). Wished him a happy birthday and rucked back

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Hot F3

PAX IN ATTENDANCE:  Friar Tuck, Brick, Debs, Styrofoam, HoJo, Don Jr, Dutch Oven, Lead Pipe, Debs, Bronco, with a special appearance from Horse-n-Buggy joining from Naperville.   CONDITIONS: 76 and sunny   WARMUP Side Straddle Hops x 25 Hillbilly Walkers x 12 Don Quixote x 12 Abe Vigoda x 12 Daisy Pickers x 12 Rossy x

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Warmarama- Motivators, Old Man Stretch,  Daisy Cutter (IC), Rossy LRC, Abe Vigodas (IC), shoulder stretch, Imperial Walkers (IC),  SSH (ic), Michael Phelps. Fellowship job around the field. Thang 1. 100 Daddy BOMBS. 1 Coupon shared between 2 PAX. While 1 partner works the other Runs the width of the field, 100 reps between the 2

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1-Year Anniversary Q

PAX: Padawan, Bergundy, Webelos, Spitvalve, Kipling, Little Finger, Restore, Lord of the Dance, Hackeysack, McFeely, Time Machine, SOX Conditions: low 60’s and clear Warmup: Motivators (from 5); Hillbilly Walkers (20); Old Man Stretch (10 sec each leg); Sitting hurdler stretch (10 sec each leg); Spinal twist (10 secs each side); Triceps stretch (10 secs each

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Donut Day Ruck

Warm Up: Motivators, Arm Circles Work Out: Ruck 1 mile to Taylor Park As a group complete 400 pack on Merkins, resting with a short jog when necessary Continue rucking 1.5 miles to AO Close with pack on squats COT: Shared that I have been trying to appreciate the simultaneous joy and fear of fatherhood.

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