Last Minute Deck of Cards Q

AO: Donut Shop

When: 08/09/2023


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Hackey Sack, Little Finger, Padawan, Phileas, Puck, Sheriff, Sir Topham, Spit Valve,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sir Topham

The BackBlast:

Conditions: mid 60s, clear, sunny, humid.

Disclaimer and F3 Principles recited

Motivators from 6
Abe Vigodas (10 forward & backward arm circles)
Hillbillies (10)
Don Quixotes (10)
Daisy pickers (10)

The Thang: F3 Workout Deck of Cards
This was a last minute Q so YHC kept it simple – shuffled the F3 deck of cards and PAX took turns flipping cards over.
Each card includes an exercise and the number of reps (derived from the face value of the card: 2-10=Card #+10; Face card=25; Ace=100)
Cards played included (not in this order):
Wojo squats x13 (YHC didn’t know what these are so subbed goblet squats)
Dips x25
Karaoke (down and back between parking lot lights)
Low, slow squats x19
Alternating side squats x14 (1 is 1)
Butt kicks x20 (2 is 1)
Monkey humpers x17
Freddie Mercury x25 (2 is 1)
Wide-arm merkins x16
Merkins x18
Carolina dry docks x14
Backward run (down and back between parking lot lights)
Hand-release merkins x15
Smurf jacks x25 (picture was during this; not as easy as YHC thought it would be…)
Sprint (inside perimeter of the parking lot)
Derkins x17
Goblet Squats x25
Flutter kicks x100 (1 is 1)
Mountain climbers x25 (2 is 1)
Calf raises x100 (as a group; 13 each)
Burpees x25
Bear crawl (down and back 7 parking spaces)
Sprint (inside perimeter of the parking lot x2)
Jumping lunges (Bonnie Blairs) x16 (1 is 1)
High plank (90 sec)
Incline merkins x20
Standing lunges x15
Merkins x25
Lunge walk (between parking lot lights then mosey back)


Announcements: Fellowship events next week and the week after; 3rd F events on 8/19

Circle of Trust: YHC checked Slack the night before the beatdown, noticed a pre-blast hadn’t been posted, and almost decided to just show up at the beatdown and assume someone was Q’ing. Instead, reached out to signed up Q, who was out of town and needed a back-up, so YHC covered. A reminder that if you want something to happen, sometimes you need to step up and lead it and not just assume someone else will.
Also, don’t randomly shuffle the deck. Order them intentionally. Great example of why everyone should sign up to Q to avoid last minute Qs!

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