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AO: The Tundra

When: 05/31/2023


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: Bronco,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bronco

The BackBlast:

Bronco, Debs, Don Jr., Dos, Dutch Oven, Lead Pipe, Pebbles, Rossy(!), Styrofoam, Uno, Yadi all out to see the long awaited restoration the desecration of the Tundra. The day started with the Danger Zone. On the third repeat of the song, a revolt was brewing. The games continued and some friendly competition followed with Debs leading the way but many others pushing themselves to take a turn pushing the PAX.

THANG 1: Top Gun
Perform 10 reps each of 5 standing coupon exercises:
1. Curls
2. Alpos
3. Kettle Bell Swings
4. Overhead Press
5. Squats
for 10 minutes. The 5 coupon exercises are repeated for the entire 10 minutes with 3 Burpees EMOM.

THANG 2: Everyone Gets a Turn
Each Pax does the following exercises
5 – Blockees
10 – Squat Thrusters
15 – BBSUs
20 – Curls
First pax to finish – Takes 2 blocks and runs around the bases
Next pax to finish – Takes 1 block, farmers carry around the bases
Next pax to finish – Takes 1 block, carry any way you want
Everyone else, rounds the bases without a block

THANG 3: Walls – Teams of 5-6 with cones about 30 yards apart
1. Re-build wall – bucket brigade of coupons to form a wall on other side
2. Move wall – run coupon to other side – one at a time – holding plank or Bonnie Blairs
3. Shuttle run wall – run it to other side – and return – holding plank or Bonnie Blairs
4. Farmer’s wall – each person move all coupons to form a wall of coupons to other side – holding plank or Bonnie Blairs

Windshield Wipers – 15
American Hammers – 15

COT – It is always an honor to Q. I highlighted that my workout contained borrowed material from my past Qs and from reading BackBlasts. Sometimes doing a best of sampling from your files and others gets a good result in the early AM. A good Q does not need to be an opus every time.

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