For Molly

700 or so reps for Bronco(Q), Debs, Dos, Dutch Oven, Styrofoam, Time Machine, Waddams CONDITIONS: Snow on the ground! Below freezing! WARM: Grady Corns, Abe Vigodas, Daisy Pickers, SSHs, THANG…

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L’Oven It

The Individual Medley – motioning Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle…reps to 8. Imperial Walkers x10 Daisy pickers 10 Old man stretch 10 secs each side Short Mosey Cheech & Chong Squats to 5 COT: Thinking a lot about my M and the stress she’s under. Her mother living with us. Her job has been very

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Apes, Crabs and Bears

Today we indulged in some exercises we learned from our host brothers at the Zoo Crew convergence last weekend! Conditions: Perfect- cool, dry, hovering around 60 degrees. Warm Ups: – Old man stretch – Sidestraddle Hops – Abe Vigodas – Seal claps – Hillbilly walkers – Rossys – Daisy Pickers – Don Quixotes Thang One:

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Touring the Tundra

Warmup: motivators, arms, seal claps, Don Quijotes, Daisy pickers, Smurf jacks The 16s: 15 squats – 1 burpee 14 curls – 2 burpees 13 chest press, OH press, manmakers, weighted situps, kettlebell swings, Grave diggers, box jumps, neg incline merks, weighted lunges, skull crushers, apos, bent-down row pulls, 1 blockie – 15 burpees Mary: Am

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The 600

Dryland Standing Individual Medley Stretch-In cadence to 10 each-Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle Imperial hillbilly Walkers Daisy pickers Hillbilly Rockette Kicks Mosey around block Pair up One person completes a 25 yard bear crawl then run while the other works to complete the reps below 200 dips 200 big boys 200 hand release merkins One

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Failing together

Warmup: side straddle hop, merkins, washing mashing, mountain climbers Merkins till failure, 20 pulls 3x Bulgarian till failure right, 20 calf raises 3x Hang until failure, 20 dips 3x Bulgarian until failure left, 20x glute bridge 3x Plank 60 seconds, 10 Turkish get ups 2x Midway we were attacked by the mad bombers of Eagles

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Running Around Doing Stuff

Today’s beatdown included a bit of a scenic tour around the neighborhood with a series of reps and other activities at each stop. Conditions: Warm, sunny, mid 60s. Warm Ups: motivators, hillbilly walkers, Abe Vigodas, Don Quixotes, Rossys, Daisy Pickers, overhead claps. @Monkey Island: high boat/low boat (1 min) alligator merkins across the midway 25

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Station to Station

Intro and Disclaimer Warmups: Motivators (from 5), Old Man Stretch, Tricep Stretch, Imperial Walkers (15), Rossis, Daisy Pickers (15), Arm Circles (forward and backwards, 15), Washing Machines (15) Sprint/Jog around the block: jog east/west streets (Harvard and Filmore), sprint north/south streets (Clinton and Grove) We split up into 3 groups, with group 1 being the

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