Archives: The Bean – Downtown 10/17

Date: Saturday October 17, 2020

Time: 07:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown






Slightly delayed back blast here, similar to a Lavender post….Ha!!!

Beatdown commenced at Lincoln Park Zoo this morning with 4 PAX: RAT, Homer, Lady Bug, and Noonan.

Warmup consisted of Abe Vigoda’s, the Motivator, Knee Raises, and Good Mornings

Short mosey south over to the baseball fields for Thang 1 – Merkin/Jax – 1:4 to 5:20 and back down to 1:4

Thang 2 channeled the groups inner David Goggins – For MFin Burpee Test!!!!! 100 Burpees for time with the following results:

·      Lady Bug – 10:05

·      Noonan – 10:20

·      RAT – 13:05

·      Homer – 13:30

Been a while since we last did this, and it was fun to reattempt.

Thang 2 consisted of a modified Aikin Legs. Using the baseball diamond there were 4 stations where 20 reps of Squats, split jacks, lunges, and squat jumps were completed each time around the stations. 80 reps each lap for 5 laps.

Mosey back to LPZ building for Mary which comprised of: Alternating toe touch crunches, flutter kicks, and box.

Some parting thoughts – Writing this back blast brings mixed emotions.

When casually stumbling upon a “Free Men’s Workout” 3+ years ago in the New East Side News (local newspaper), I knew nothing about F3 and was simply searching for something to keep my active through the winter.

Little did I know the journey I was in for and the friends I would make along the way, of what would ultimately be built here.

Everything happens for a reason I suppose.

The weekday morning beatdowns during that first winter, where in some cases, it was just me and Denari in the Millennium Park Garages, remain very vivid in my mind.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received was to “Let go and let God”. Seems appropriate for the times.

I’m looking forward to changing things up and seeing where the journey leads.

I wish the entire Chicagoland crew nothing but the best.

Noonan Out!!!!