Archives: Austin – City (No) Limits – Chicago 10/12

Date: Monday October 12, 2020

Time: 05:30


QIC: mrunil

The Missionary
Little Finger


Get ready for some surprises @ City Limits on Monday as we celebrate Indigenous People’s Day at Columbus Park in the Gloom.

You’ll laugh, You’ll cry, but most of all you will feel the beatdown all day long.

Fair warning – If your hands are sensitive, you might want to bring a pair of gloves. 🙂



Imperial Walkers

Bat Wings

  1.  20 count forward circles
  2.  20 count backword circles
  3.  20 count seal claps
  4.  20 count overhead claps

20 count downward dog

Thang 1 – Mosey to Tennis courts

20 count Coupon Chest Press, Sit up

20 count coupon curls

20 count press ups

20 count shoulder tap merkins

Around the tennis court

  • bear crawl short way
  • grapevine the long way

Thang 2 – Mosey to Playground

15 count hand release feet elevated Merkins

10 count Dips

Partner Up!

First Pard cycles through the following:

100 step up Dragon Kicks

100 side straddle jumps

100 box jumps

While 2nd Pard runs to the tennis courts and engages the coupons

Round 1 – 20 coupon curls

Round 2 – 20 press ups


7 Strong Pax started their weeks in the darkness, but made it to the light.

Welcome Breakthrough!