Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park 10/9

Date: Friday October 09, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: footloose








F3 Mario Kart.. Mamma-mia! Let’s-a-go!


Weather: 60 and slightly cloudy


Alliance, Bronco, Cloud 9, Copa, Hojoh, LED, MacBeth, RA, Rossy, Tron, Truckin, and Footloose on the Q.


Motivators starting from 6

Daisy Cutters

Imperial Walkers

Fellowship run- around Ridgeland Common to OPRFHD parking structure.

The Thang: 

Mario Kart Running Workout

*Running Route is around OPRFHS.*

Line up fastest to slowest. Release runners every 15seconds.

*Turtle Shell*

If you pass another runner you can yell “Turtle shell!” This would be like throwing a turtle shell at another driver in Mario Kart. If you get passed and hit by a turtle shell, you can pick from a list of two exercise options. Throwing turtle shells is optional.. you are allowed to show mercy.

Exercise Options: 

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 20 Merkins

Optional delay tactic: Nun Lunges until you feel safe to run again or until you stop/break form.

*Banana Peel*

Every Corner could be a banana peel exercise. At that point, if you are in..

1st place: 20 Bonnie Blairs

2nd place: 10 Bonnie Blairs

3rd place: 10 Air Squats

**Everyone else just runs through the corner without stopping.


  1. You can only turtle shell (give exercise to) same person once per lap. 
  2. While completing an exercise you are immune to other people turtle shelling you.
  3. Race ends when lead runner completes 4 laps. Lead runner stops near parking garage and stops other runners as they complete their current lap. While waiting for others at parking garage complete a rotation of planks, flutter kicks, and standing lunges.

Mario Kart Winner: Bronco (by a nose).


As adults I think we tend to avoid acting like a kid and playing silly games because it seems childish or beneath us. I challenge everyone to play tag with their kids, make fart noises, and laugh as much as you can. Society tells us we have to act like adults all the time. Ehhh.. I say leave space in the day for having fun just like we did when we were just kids. Makes life more enjoyable and you and your kids will love you for it.



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