Archives: The Bean – Downtown 10/10

Date: Saturday October 10, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: The Bean – Downtown

QIC: deadic8



Come visit the “new” F3 Chicago AO at the Lincoln Park Zoo admin building tmrw 0700. Armitage & Clark. We’re gonna run a THOR workout, come find out why,,,


Thor Fail - THOR FAIL LEVEL 10


6 PAX staved off an early morn fartsack and showed up for a LB-led beatdown. Perfect weather was in store as we continue to break in the new AO in Lincoln Park. Plenty of activity at this location, should get some positive promotion out of it.

Before kicking off, we honored a fallen brother from F3 Grand Strand, Jacob Hancher aka Hightower, a Myrtle Beach police officer who was killed in the line of duty on 10/3. In his & his family’s honor and our brothers down in Myrtle Beach who are mourning Jacob’s loss we decided to run the newest exicon The Hightower. It’s based on Matthew 5:9 which states, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Rest In Peace brother Jacob.

Warmups. Got the shoulders nice and lubricated. Warmed up the legs.

The Hightower. 5 sets, 9 reps each. Burpees. Body Builders. Triple merkin burpees. Triple jump squat burpees. All four together to create the Triple merkin triple jump squat bodybuilders burpee.

Moseyed to car to grab coupons. Considering some of us posted to F3 Evanston and ran their workout the day before with a ton of coupon work, some were less than thrilled. Introduced them to the THOR workout. (Take Heavy Objects… and Run). We moseyed around the neighborhood doing various coupon work. Shoulders arms and legs were well shot at the end of this evolution.

6MoM w coupons.

COT: Prayed for Jacob Hancher and his family in their time of need. We asked that his ultimate sacrifice not go unnoticed and forgotten.

AAR/Mumblechatter: It’s good optics for a group of HIMs to be running around the neighborhood park carrying coupons. Generates a ton of questions and looks. We all need to do a better job of promoting the F3 brand by simply wearing our F3 gear. We also worked on other marketing ideas with Chicago’s Nantaan, Homer. Flyers, cross promotion with the zoo, hit up the area’s apartment complexes and revisiting our own social circles for potential Sad Clowns. We all agreed to put in the effort of expanding our reach and numbers with Chicago.

LB Out///



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