Archives: Park Jr High – LaGrange 7/31

Date: Friday July 31, 2020

Time: 06:00

Location: Memorial Park – LaGrange

QIC: denari

Mr. Burns
House Arrest
FNG – Zebra
FNG – Johnny Hopkins
FNG – Big Al


First “off-the-books” workout for F3 LaGrange! 8 men have given the hard commit (HC), and are going to get a taste of all three Fs.



The first “off-the-books” workout for F3 LaGrange is in the books! Welcome 3 FNGs: Big Al, Johnny Hopkins, Zebra. Tclaps to the HIM from F3 Oak Park and F3 Naperville for posting and EHing (Nair, House Arrest, Mr. Burns, hOjOh, LED). Denari is Q.

Denari is the Mustard Seed planting the flag in LaGrange (shovelflag build to be completed shortly) and Q for the coming weeks. A brief Intro to F3 kicked things off before the warm up. Truebadour style wisdon was sprinkled in throughout the beat down (effectively providing a 10 count)

Warm Up

  • Side Straddle Hops, Abe Vigoda, goofball, Imperial Walker, Plank Jack, Don Quixote

Thang 1 – Partner Up!

  • Dips ‘n’ Sits (p1 dips, p2 hold wall sit)
  • Derkin ‘n’ Sits (p1 derkins, p2 hold wall sit)
  • Steps ‘n’ Planks (p1 step ups, p2 hold high plank)
  • Pulls ‘n’ Planks – pax circle up and hold high plank, pax individually run to soccer goal for 2 pull-ups
  • The Beakdancer! Denari introduced the pax to his favorite exercise

Thang 2 – Lucky 7 (side 1 Monkey Humpers, side 2 Burpees)

  • Total exercise reps add up to 7. Pax sprint to side 1 and perform 6 Monkey Humpers, then sprint back to side 2 and perform 1 Burpee. Pax continue to sprint back and forth from side to side while declining the reps for Monkey Humpers and increasing the Burpees while continuing to keep the total reps at 7 (6/1, 5/2, 4/3, 3/4, 2/5, 1/6).

Thang 3 – Guantanamo & Doomsday Clock

  • Guantanamo is an F3 Naperville favorite. Pax circle up on their 6, head towards the center, legs straight at 45°. Similar to the Pulls ‘n’ Planks during Thang 1, pax individually get up and this time run around the circle of pax and throw the legs down of each pax.
  • Doomsday Clock is an F3 Chicago favorite that is performed till failure and the consistency of this exercise led to drastic strength improvements for pax that post consistently. Pax stay in the circle from Guantanamo, but switch starting position to high plank. Q starts the Doomsday Clock with 1 merkin, followed by 1 merkin by the pax to the left (clockwise). Each pax performs 1 merkin while all others hold high plant. The Doomsday Clock continues to tick until there is a single remaining pax holding high plank. This Doomsday Clock went 5 rounds and stopped ticking due to time constraint (F3 starts on time and ends on time!).

6 Minutes of Mary (6MoM)

  • Freddie Mercury, Peter Parker, American Hammer, LBC, James Bond

Naked Moleskin

The 3 Friendly New Guys (FNGs) that posted did a great job following cadence, performing exercises with good form, and listening to Q’s explanation of F3 (mission statement, core principles, motto). They all seemed to have fun with Lucky 7 and Guantanamo. You can see the fire in the eyes of each FNG, and desire to come back for more!

  • Big Al – tastefully named for his Peoria, IL roots, although pax had a chance to use his brewery ownership and University of Iowa allegiance and naming influence.
  • Johnny Hopkins – the step brother of F3 Naperville’s Appletini almost ended up being named “Shaken Not Stirred”, but the Step Brothers comedy took the lead (almost went Catalina Wine Mixer).
  • Zebra – told an entertaining story of being pantless (bike shorts) on the sidelines, so ran into the locker room and grabbed the first pair of pants he found, which just so happened to belong to the referee!

F3 LaGrange got off to a great start with the support from pax of F3 Oak Park and F3 Naperville. Tclaps to those HIM for coming out! Next week, pax look forward to being joined by Reddick and 2+ FNGs. One FNG is talking big game, suggesting he will be the oldest pax and will win Doomsday Clock!

Resources for FNGs



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