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Date: Wednesday November 13, 2019

Time: 12:00



Sweet Tooth


Join F3 Chicago for a themed beatdown Sat, Nov 23, 7am sharp. Homer will do 100 merkins if any PAX who posts guesses the theme correctly.

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Ten tough Pax posted on a cold morning of Nov 23 (Cutter, Kodak, Ladybug, Lavendar, MaryLou, Noonan, Peaches, Skynet, Sweet-tooth and Homer taking the Q) creating a glide path for the beatdown theme “partners.”

1.    Circuit: Side-straddle Hop, Merkin, Abe Vigoda, Lunges, LBCs (50 each)

2.    Partner Dips

3.    Red Bull Rocky Balboa

4.    Partner-assisted Sit-ups

5.    Pump Jack

6.    Indian Run

7.    Parker Social Hour

8.    Fireman’s Carry

9.    Old Faithful

10. Old Faithful Faceoff

11. Devil Dog Relay

12. Wheel Barrel

13. Guantanamo

14.  Doomsday Clock

15. Jack Web

16. Freddy Mercury

17. Box Cutters

18. Heels to Heaven

19. Mountain Climbers

The Pax were delighted at the triumphant return of MaryLou who was long confined to the D.L. Welcome back MaryLou! The Pax’s delight was coupled with melancholy with the announcement that Denari will be leading his last Q as F3 Chicago Nant’an on Nov 30. YHC would normally heap on mounds of moral guilt to F3 Chicago Pax to H.C. on Nov 30, but he knows such antics are required only for boys distracted because they’re on Insta Live, not true men who respond to a call whenever heard. SYITG Nov 30!



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