Archives: Wreck Center – Oak Park (Wed) 11/20

Date: Sunday November 10, 2019

Time: 12:00

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park






11/20 Modified BackBlast:

Scene – Kodak is circling near Cutter’s house as they typically bike-in together.
No movement …. did I come out too late? Did this HIM jump the gun and get out early? No movement in that home …
So, I start biking North to the AO and start thinking about this highly-motivated man and thoughts come to mind:
the only thing worse than FartSacking a HardCommit is FartSacking a Q. Nah, unlikely, but better come up w/ some ideas just in case.

I arrive just as the Harvey St. crew come running in. No Cutter, but we’ve added DR DeepDish from Greenville and an FNG (welcome ‘The-Show’).

Okay, we got this. No problem!

Conditions: 35* and wet
Pax: Kodak, HackeySack, Puck, LittleFinger, TheMissionary, Sheriff, Chalmers, DeepDish. The-Show.

BeatDown was gonna be crowd-sourced with all contributing. Here’s how it looked:

Side Straddle Hops
Field Lap Mosey

Thang One (Little Finger)
– Lunge 25m
– Bear Crawl 25m
– Sprint 50m
– 10 Merkins
Hold Plank/AlGore until last man completes Merkins (4 Rounds)

Thang Two (Kodak)
– Indian Run Perimeter Run (1 lap)
– 5 Burpees
– 10 Bonnie-Blairs
– 20 Squats (2 laps)

Thang Three (Sheriff)
Partner Workout at Wall
– P1 Hold wall sit variation
– P2 10 burpees
– P1 Wall Sit
– P2 15 Dips

Thang Four (Puck)
4 Corners / 2 Rounds
– C1 20 Jump Squats
– C2 20 Mtn Climbers
– C3 20 Burpees
– C4 20 4 count Flutter

6 Min Mary (Deep Dish started, then shared lead)
– Freddie Mercuries
– Box Cutters
– American Thor
– Heel Touches

COT – close-out included naming FNG … it turns out that even worse than FartSacking a Q is FartSacking a Q when your FNG posts!!
So, since my guy Cutter was a No-Show, We were glad to add ‘The-Show’ into our mix. Hope to see him more often as this life-long Oak Parker would fit in well w/ the group. YHC closed and gave thanks to the group for the culture they created such that a DR or an FNG can just walk on and feel the welcoming vibes – that’s who we want to be AND push through a great workout.
Let’s take that effort into our daily lives, men.



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