Archives: Columbus Park IronPax Week1 – 8/31 0530

Date: Monday August 31, 2020

Time: 05:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park

QIC: kodak

Little Finger
The Missionary


8/31 Pre : IronPax wk1 has dropped – “Inspector’s Gadget”!

Start your week right and join us for this beatdown. 5:30-6:15a at Columbus Park. Meet at the historic Refectory, entrance to the golf course.


8/31 Columbus Park – IronPax Week 1

Conditions : Perfect – 70’s and low humidity

Pax (in order of IPC Completion) : TheMissionary, Sloan, Footlosse, Puck, Rancid, Alliance, Little Finger, Hooker, Denari, HackeySack, Kodak, Fogger and RA who woke in the gloom to proctor and help men accelerate.



Daisy Pickers

Imperial Walkers

Fellowship Run to work site

10 ct. Mtn Climber / Shoulder Taps (2x)

Workout directions given, set-up and GO!

Thang : Inspector’s Gadget

3 Burpees (Begins Rd & EMOM timer)

50 Hand Release Release Merkins

100 Leg Raises

150 Jungle Boi Squats “2Spoonz Style”

200 Big Boy Sit-ups

250 Stationary Lunge Steps (ct ea leg as 1 rep)

Shout-out to Missionary for completing 1st @ 33:40.

COT : Closed w/ congrats to the crew for starting the week on a really hard day. These IPC’s are no joke and gave thanks to RA as he was hustling off to the next AO to help proctor … the man, injured as he may be, gave up his morning to help us all keep track of time and to push us further out of our comfort zone.

Closing message – gave a reflection on my recent long run this weekend. Mileage is climbing now that I am about 5-6 weeks away from a marathon. I said – when you are setting out to do something hard, start out by going INTO the wind … so that when you meet the half way point and turn around, you have the breeze and momentum to push you to the end.

We all started the day/started the week doing something well outside our comfort zone. In my own mind-space, I grumbled a little bit, but was able to clear my mind to attack today’s challenges head-on. Keep moving forward! /Kodak Out.



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