Archives: Wreck Center IronPax Week1 – 8/31 0630

Date: Monday August 31, 2020

Time: 06:30

Location: Wreck Center – Oak Park


Cowboy Mouth
Lead Pipe


IronPax Week 1

Come one, come all. The name of the tomorrow’s workout is Inspector’s Gadget. And there will be burpees! SYITG


The real IronPax Challenge 2020 began today with Week 1’s Inspector’s Gadget workout. As 06:30 drew nearer, PAX suddenly materialized out of nowhere giving us solid numbers to push ourselves harder. Coming in just in the knick of time was our official proctor, RA, who would have been out there getting after it with us had he not been sidelined by a nagging injury. Special thanks to RA for joining us as proctor. And shout out to hOjOh who continues to put in the early AM recovery work solo as he was well into his workout before any of us arrived.

Weather: Hot. Sunny. Muggy.

PAX: Bronco, Cutter (QIC), Chalmers, Cowboy Mouth, Rossi, Copa, FVI, LED, Lead Pipe, Tron.

Iron Pax 2020 Week 1 Challenge – Inspector’s Gadget: EMOM 3 burpees; 50 Hand Release Release Merkins; 100 Leg Raises; 150 Jungle Boi Squats; 200 Big Bois Sit-ups; 250 Stationary Lunges.

Cutter 00:37:20

Chalmers 00:42:00

Bronco 00:43:45

Rossi 00:44:20

Cowboy Mouth 00:47:30

Copa 00:47:50

FVI 00:48:50

Lead Pipe 00:49:15

Tron 02:00:00

LED 02:00:00

CoT: We were way over time and much of the PAX had already left. Gratitude was expressed for everyone who was present. For showing up and pushing us all to get stronger. Cutter/Out



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