Garage Ramp Sprints

Conditions: 50s and dark throughout. Wet streets, but no rain for us! Warmer: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, Abe Vigoda, Daisy Pickers Thang 1: Jog at a fellowship pace north over the highway, then west to Elmwood, and north to the Fenwick parking garage. There, we ran sprints up the parking garage ramps, sprinting/hard running up

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Tabata & the Den

Warmup Stretching Motivators Abe Vigodas Thang Classic Tabata 20 on 10 off x 8 Pistons Dirkins Bonnie Blair’s Archer Push-ups Smurf jacks Tricep isometric hold Burpees w 180 degree turn Cot I spoke about how I had a bad night sleep, and yet was there because of the pressure to lead the group. I think

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Bear Worms and Slick Runs

Conditions: Rainy and dark. The overnight rains and muddy conditions called for a last-minute change of plans. Warmer: SSH, Shoulder Taps, Hillbilly Walkers, Daisy Cutters, Abe Vigodas/Seal Claps/Overheads Fellowship jog on the two block radius near the school. Thang 1: Partner up for a playground Dora. Partner A runs around the school, while Partner B

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Rocksteady Tabata

10 pax met in the gloom for a high intensity workout and some smooth 60’s era Jamaican beats. Conditions: 75 degrees, overcast and calm Warmup: SSH Daisy Pickers Mountain Man Poopers Don Quixotes Jog around Trinity Thang: Tabata 20 sec work followed by 10 sec rest. Repeat for 8 sets. 1 min rest between exercises.

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The hills of OP

Conditions: ideal. 65, cool, beautiful. Warmup: ssh, mtn climbers, something else I missed cause I was late. Then hi knees, butt kickers, side shuffle, carioca, frankensteins and gate openers Run: Went to Fenwick via East Ave with a race pace pickup from the bridge to Madison. Then three trips up and down the parking garage

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Station to Station

Intro and Disclaimer Warmups: Motivators (from 5), Old Man Stretch, Tricep Stretch, Imperial Walkers (15), Rossis, Daisy Pickers (15), Arm Circles (forward and backwards, 15), Washing Machines (15) Sprint/Jog around the block: jog east/west streets (Harvard and Filmore), sprint north/south streets (Clinton and Grove) We split up into 3 groups, with group 1 being the

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S-Show Relay

Warmup (on asphalt) Abe Vigodas 25x each way in cad Daisy pickers 12x in cad Mountain man poopers 12x in cad Side straddle hops 25x 4 counts Bobby Hurley’s 12x (OYO) Apolo Ohno’s 12x (OYO) Imperial Walkers 4 count, 12x in cad Old Man stretch 20 count each side Finkle Swings 12 kicks each side

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