01/13/2023 - The Crown - Return of the Combine

Conditions: not too cold when the wind wasn’t blowing. Was like Cyclone was out there with us during the blustery moments. Warm-O: mountain climbers, Abe Vigodas, overheads, seal claps, thigh…

12/16/2022 - The Crown - Santa Shuffle

Ran around the parking lot searching for presents Santa dropped off for us: burpees, murkins, durkins, lurkins, squats, pull-ups, imperials, step-ups, Mary,

12/02/2022 - The Crown - The Ocho

Good one this morning, borrowed a bit from the IronPAX 2020 week 2. The Wheel of Misfortune. Difference here being we ran around the grid “picking up the 6” as…

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