Late Again

Conditions: 40 deg F, mostly clear but gloomy Disclaimer and F3 Principles recited Warm-a-rama: Bat Wings (10 forward & backward arm circles, seal claps, overhead claps) Michael Phelps (10) Daisy…

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Garage Ramp Sprints

Conditions: 50s and dark throughout. Wet streets, but no rain for us! Warmer: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, Abe Vigoda, Daisy Pickers Thang 1: Jog at a fellowship pace north over the highway, then west to Elmwood, and north to the Fenwick parking garage. There, we ran sprints up the parking garage ramps, sprinting/hard running up

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Donut Time

Warmup Motivators Groiners Bird dogs Lap around parking Thang Classic Tabata 20 secs on 10 off times 8 Curls Thrusters Balls to wall Dips Around the world Grave diggers hand switch to press up Offer ups Cot. Talked about how in Middle East people are gathering together so that if they die in the night,

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Lucky 7s

Pax: Bergundy, Fogger, Bronco, Kipling, Silver Spoon, Public Access, Lord of the Dance, Webelos, Quimby, Rossy, Don Jr Warm Up: Motivators, Michael Phelps, Old Man Stretch The Workout: an exercise EMOM for 7 minutes, followed by a recovery lap and a new exercise Round 1 – 7 burpees or flying squirrels EMOM for 7 minutes

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The 600

Dryland Standing Individual Medley Stretch-In cadence to 10 each-Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Freestyle Imperial hillbilly Walkers Daisy pickers Hillbilly Rockette Kicks Mosey around block Pair up One person completes a 25 yard bear crawl then run while the other works to complete the reps below 200 dips 200 big boys 200 hand release merkins One

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Giuliani is the BOMB

We jogged to the Roos Center and back (about 3.8 miles), stopping for a set of BOMBS with the den crew. Closed out back home with some group plank. Ended with count, names, announcements and COT in praise of Giuliani. May we all aspire to his warmth and ease in our ease in our own

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Man o’ Man

WARMUP Imerial Walkers 10 motivators 7 Old man streach 10 count Rossy 10 count MAIN EVENT 20 seconds with 10 sec break x 14 repeats Jabs, Upper cut, round house, bob/weave Lunges Merkins Kicks COOL DOWN (Yoga flow) tree pose -> warrior 3 Dog down -> pigeon -> child pose -> butterfly

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Fast, Slow, Fast, Slow, etc.

Warm Up: Motivators, Mountain Man Poopers, Imperial Walkers, Buttkickers, Karaoke, High Knees, Frankenstein Walk, .6 mile warm up jog to site The Workout: We were centered around a field of about 1/3 mile in perimeter, rectangular in shape. We completed several rounds of the field, sprinting different sides of the field on each round. Between

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