Warm o Rama Ssh, mt climbers, imperial walkers, Abe V(4ways), Apolo Ohno Pre Thang Circled up in plank while we went around the horn w 25 SSHs Circled up in Al Gore while we went around the horn w LR rotation squat circles Circled up on 6 while we went around the horn w BBS […]

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The Heist

4 D.R.’s(Bayside outta Omaha, Dublin outta Nape, and Swift & Boxcar outta Lexington) joined 3 O.G.’s for a “lifted Q.” YHC posted in Grand Rapids on Wednesday and repeated their…

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Pax: GTL, Homer, Brawny, Nickel, Sandman, Horseshoe Warmorama- Abe vigoda, butt kicks, high knees, Don Quixote, good morning, Frankenstein walk, skip Mosey to soccer field Partner BOMBS- 100,125,150,175,200 Lap around…

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Lake Day

7, including Citation outta Sacramento, Traeger outta KC, and Logs outta Houston Katy, came out for some running, Merkins and WW2 Sit Ups.(YHC is part of the May Fitness Challenge,…

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