Dark in the 50s. dry. We went for speed and endurance today. We clocked in at a 16 Minute 5 second pace and covered over 3 miles. We burned over 371 active calories today according to Apple watch. It is a great day my friends. COT: Mathew 7: ask and it shall be given, seek

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Donut Time

Warmup Motivators Groiners Bird dogs Lap around parking Thang Classic Tabata 20 secs on 10 off times 8 Curls Thrusters Balls to wall Dips Around the world Grave diggers hand switch to press up Offer ups Cot. Talked about how in Middle East people are gathering together so that if they die in the night,

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Giuliani is the BOMB

We jogged to the Roos Center and back (about 3.8 miles), stopping for a set of BOMBS with the den crew. Closed out back home with some group plank. Ended with count, names, announcements and COT in praise of Giuliani. May we all aspire to his warmth and ease in our ease in our own

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Rucking bricks

Abe Seal claps Overhead Imperial walkers Daisy pickers Goofballs Rucking bricks Ruck 3 miles while carrying two 8lb bricks, rotating the two bricks between PAX every 1/4 mile. Before each PAX passed the bricks on we squated in a circle while the PAX with the bricks did enforcers to 5, all of us mimicking his

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Ability Ruck

Warm ups Imperial Walkers Abe Vagodas Michael Phelps Daisy pickers SSH 3.11 mile ruck – Wall merkins, Ring pulls and step ups at the Oven site Rossys to both sides and then middle Downward dog Plank calf stretches American Hammers to fail, last one with feet up wins. Guiliani went to 36 on a four

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Friday 6:30 Run Club

CONDITIONS Perfect. Mid 50s and sunny. WARM-O-RAMA – Abe Vigodas – Seal Claps – Overhead Claps – Don Quixotes – Daisy Pickers – Old Man Stretch – Peter Parkers – Plank Calf Stretch THE THANG We ran N to Taylor Park for some circuits. At each of the corners of Taylor, the first 5 pax

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