Garage Ramp Sprints

Conditions: 50s and dark throughout. Wet streets, but no rain for us! Warmer: SSH, Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, Abe Vigoda, Daisy Pickers Thang 1: Jog at a fellowship pace north over the highway, then west to Elmwood, and north to the Fenwick parking garage. There, we ran sprints up the parking garage ramps, sprinting/hard running up

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Fast, Slow, Fast, Slow, etc.

Warm Up: Motivators, Mountain Man Poopers, Imperial Walkers, Buttkickers, Karaoke, High Knees, Frankenstein Walk, .6 mile warm up jog to site The Workout: We were centered around a field of about 1/3 mile in perimeter, rectangular in shape. We completed several rounds of the field, sprinting different sides of the field on each round. Between

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5 Mile Run

Conditions: 60’s and sunny, great running weather. Warm-o-rama: – Sidestraddle hop x20 – Imperial Walkers x15 – Don Quixotes x15 – Daisy Pickers x15 – Overhead/Seal Claps x15 – Peter…

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