F3 Evanston Volunteers at Connections for the Homeless

Five HIMs representing F3 Evanston volunteered at Connections for the Homeless. We were greeted enthusiastically and given a tour of the operation before the real work began. Connections received a shipment of 1,300 pounds of food from the Chicago Food Depository, which we had the task of unloading and organizing. The food is distributed through the organization’s walk-in pantry for the homeless.

Connections for the Homeless serves the north Chicago area and is catalyzing our community to end homelessness, one person at a time. The organization serves more than 1,500 people annually from 49 Chicagoland communities. They focus their efforts on eviction prevention, supportive and transitional housing, supporting an overnight shelter and drop-in center, and advocating to increase awareness about the homeless crisis.

As you can imagine, Connections has seen the demand for their service increase dramatically during the pandemic. We were in awe of how much dedication the volunteers and staff that we met had to providing as much support as they could to our community.

The third F (Faith) in F3 is about believing in something bigger than oneself. After seeing the work of Connections for the Homeless, we felt grateful for what we have been allowed in life and believe that this group will continue to make a difference, one person at a time.

Sore backs, full hearts, can’t lose.