Zootopia II: The Legend Continues

AO: Wreck Center

When: 11/15/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Chalmers, CowboyMouth, Dos, Giuliani, HoJo, Lead Pipe, Malort, Rossy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Giuliani

The BackBlast:

Zootopia II:  The Legend Continues

Eight Pax came out in the early sunrise for our first under 30s session (28 degrees at start time).  Winter has arrived.

Warm – O – Rama: SSH – Abe Vigodas – Moose Snacks (aka Daisy Pickers) – Seal Claps – Bear Snacks (aka Mtn. Man Poopers) (as many as seemed appropriate).  Half lap Mosey.

The Silly:  Leapfrog the length of the field (always comical) with the return trip as a “plank worm.”  Pax line up in elbow planks in the end to end format with the end Pax hopping over each Pax in front of him before getting into the plank position while the last Pax starts the process over again.  Staying in the elbow plank makes it easier for the hopping Pax to get over you.

The Serious:  Trip to the half line doing

  • Bear Crawl (out)
  • Flamingo hop (one foot hopping) (return; 10x merkins when return to start);
  • Moose walk (flying nun but emphasis on keeping arms and hand up) (out);
  • Kangaroo hop (deep squat then broad jump (return; 10x merkins when return to start);
  • Crab walk (out);
  • Frogger (deep squat with short hops assisted by arms in front of you) (return: 10x merkins when return to start);
  • Monkey walk (alternating facing north/south; sideways locomotion using arms) (out);
  • Crouching tiger (lower than bear crawl, staying as close to the ground as possible but not actually crawling, if possible)(return);
  • Inch worm (out).

The End:  10 monkey humpers.  We left a few items on the table – next time, perhaps.

CoT:  Saw a news item in which grieving families could “call” their loved ones.  Valuable in grieving, but don’t forget to reach out to people you care about and tell them.

Extra Note – It always fun to hear the Pax comment about “I never thought I’d switch to bear crawls for a break” or “oh, I’m going to feel this tomorrow.”  Developing the strength to move seems essential to long term health – of course, I’m only a juris doctor.

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