Zipper Run


When: 01/05/2024


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Alliance

The BackBlast:

Weather – 28 degrees, 80% Humidity.  

Attendees:   Alliance, Cutter, Kodak, Waddle, Ducksnort, Silver Spoon, Madoff, Gold, Meatloaf


  • Imperial Walkers (IC)
  • Michael Phelps (IC)
  • Mountain Man Poopers (IC)
  • 21’s
  • 5 penalty burpees

The Thang

  • Start at Harvard and Cuyler.  Partner 1 runs north to Garfield, Partner 2 runs south to Filmore.   Both head east to Highland and come back towards each other.   When they meet, 24 merkins of choice, 24 BBSU
  • Repeat to Harvey
  • Repeat to Lombard
  • Repeat to Taylor
  • Repeat to Lyman
  • Repeat to Humphrey
  • Repeat coming back westbound to Lyman


  • Dolly (IC)
  • Scuba Budha (IC)
  • American Hammer (IC)

Circle of Trust 

The 21’s exercise speaks to me because it demonstrates that focus is such a hard thing to do, even on something as simple as counting.   I like to keep that with me as I think about focusing on what’s in front of me, whether it’s a work task or being present with my family

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