AO: Wreck Center

When: 07/30/2021


Number of Pax: 6

Pax Names: Bronco, Duck Snort, Giuliani, Malort, Rossy, Troll,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Bronco

The BackBlast:

CONDITIONS: The heat and humidity were turned down compared to recent days


SSHs – 15

Abe Vigodas F/B – 15

Seal Clap – 15

Overhead Clap – 15

Daisy Pickers – 12

Run Warm: High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffle, Sprints

Mosey to Monkey Island

THANG 1: When on Monkey Island

Using Island as track: Sprint straightway, Recover back to start, At start 20 Monkey Humpers – x2

Using Island as track: Sprint BOTH straightaway, Recover on short ends, At start 20 Monkey Humpers – x2

Merkins and Flutters to finish

THANG 2: Run

Ran the rest of the way (~20 minutes) – West on Randolph to Marion, Home via Pleasant to Scoville.

Flutter to finish


Wednesday evening run 7pm

COT: Gratitude for coming out in fellowship.

Coffee for 3 afterwards at Fairgrounds.


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