Webb Slinging in the Dark

AO: Dip City

When: 12/16/2021


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Chick, Footloose, Rancid, Waddle,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Waddle

The BackBlast:

A blustery but balmy morning that started at 60 degrees saw 4 PAX come together to celebrate the release of the new Spiderman by slinging some Webbs in the Dark.


  • Knee-Hugger x 10 IC
  • Turn & Bounce x 10 IC
  • Spiderman Touch the Sky x 10 IC
  • Leg Swings FB and SS x 10 each leg
  • High Knees x 20 IC
  • Butt Kicker x 20 IC

The Thang – Dark Webb: Pair of exercises with ascending ratio from 1:2 to 2:4 to… 10:20 then to the next pair

  • 1 Merkin: 2 Raise the Roof
  • 1 Squat Jump: 2 Bonnie Blairs
  • 1 Big Boy Sit Up: 2 American Hammer IC (4 count)
  • 1 Burpee: 2 SSH IC (4 count)
  • 1 Dip IC (4 Count): 2 Step ups


  • Superman x 30 s
  • Box Cutter x 16 IC
  • Back Plank x 40 s
  • Side Plank Hip Dip x 12 IC each side
  • American Hammers x 21 IC

CoT: Congratulations to Footloose on the new 2.0! He joined us directly from the hospital room.  The Glooming is coming up 12/22! The course and schedule are up in #the_glooming on slack.

Closing thought: Taken from The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight by Thom Hartmann, ‘A Cree Native American storyteller and teacher told me: “According to my tradition, from the beginning of creation, every morning, when the sun comes up, we are each given four tasks by our Creator for that day. First, I must learn at least one meaningful thing today. Second, I must teach at least one meaningful thing to another person. Third, I must do something for some other person, and it will be best if that person does not even realize that I have done something for them.  And, fourth, I must treat all living things with respect. This spreads these things throughout the world.”‘

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