The BackBlast:

The Train is Barreling Down the Tracks!

F3 Oak Park reached a milestone Saturday, November 20 when Kodak (the OG Nantan) passed the flag to a new Nantan. Kokak is not old, tired or washed out. He did something essential to the continued growth of F3 OP – he made room for more leaders to step up! (He is not going anywhere!) Among the 42 were 3 fellow Nantans – Denari, Homer, and Ladybug and several who others joined from nearby regions. (Thank you!). We also got a cameo from our very own Footloose who will return from injury soon!

Kodak Q’ed the first half of the workout and then handed if off to Bronco for the second half after he accepted the role of Nantan. Though the workouts were solid and everyone left 1% stronger, the story of the day was the train that is F3 Oak Park barreling down the track. F3 OP will continue the mission to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Kodak shared a leadership message affirming and encouraging all PAX to see themselves as leaders. Several PAX shared their appreciation for the leadership that Kodak demonstrated and modeled as he built F3 Oak Park from its first workout that had 2 PAX to today where 42 came together to mark occasion. Cutter and LED (maybe others!) combined to make an incredible shovel flag statue to honor Kodak.

All PAX left energized for the day and inspired for what is next for them and the collective group.

We saw many PAX return (welcome back!) for the day. Come on back this week! The workouts are always free and open to ALL men!



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