The Inferno

AO: Wreck Center

When: 02/26/2022


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Bronco, Cutter, Dizzy, Footloose, Giuliani, Hackey Sack, Kodak, Madoff, McFeely, Pebbles, Troll, Tron, Wham-O,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Wham-O

QIC: Cutter

The BackBlast:

On a beautiful Saturday morning, 13 strong Pax came together for a Dante’s Inferno-Inspired beatdown attempting an ascent through 12 levels of hell to salvation.

Warm-Up – SSH x20 IC; Imperial Walker x10 IC; Daisy Cutters x10 IC; Merkin x10 IC. Mosey to Fenwick parking garage.

The Inferno -Ascend 12 levels of hell to salvation. Break into 2 teams. Everyone completes set. Once a team member finishes, the team completes the set and moves on to the next level.

  1. TREACHERY :: Al Gore + Run to Top/Back
    Split into two and take turns running to top and back down while others Al Gore
  2. FRAUD :: Balls to Wall + Alligator Merkins/Crawl Bear
    Split into two and take turns Alligator Merkin up to next level and crawl bear back
  3. VIOLENCE A– Against Neighbors :: Michael Phelps (x100)
    Superman with front crawl (swimming motion) L/R is 1
  4. VIOLENCE B– Against Self :: Suicides
    Standard suicide with 4 legs going up. Each east-west ramp is one leg wall to wall
  5. VIOLENCE C – Against God :: Heals to Heaven + Box Cutters + Monkey Humpers
    Heals to Heaven (x25), Box Cutters (x25), Monkey Humpers (x100)
  6. HERESY (6th Circle) – 50 Burpees
    50 Burpees OYO
  7. WRATH (5th Circle) – Braddock 50 each (one = 2 BBs)
    WW I Big Boi with Right + Left Roundhouses (50)
  8. GREED (4th Circle) – Tag Team Merkins to 100
    Split into pairs. One guys planks while other does merkins. Continuous count to 100
  9. GLUTTONY (3th Circle) – Apple Turnover
    Bear Crawl Up, Crab Walk Down (one level)
  10. LUST (2nd Circle) – Pickle Pounders + Dolly’s
    Pickle Pounders (100) + (Ran out of time for Dolly’s)
  11. PURGATORY (1st Circle) – Planned on 3-minute plank hold. Ran short of time.

Mosey back to Wreck Center. Merkins x10 IC; Flutters x10 IC.

CoT – Gratitude for showing up and great numbers. Thoughts and prayers to the people of Ukraine. Welcome Wham-O, solid FNG who joins us courtesy of the Barrington fellas.

Naked Moleskin – Ambitious beatdown. Striving to have a set beatdown for the Fenwick garage that can be pulled out every so often. Almost made it to heaven, but ran short of time. Next time will make rep counts cumulative for teams. And integrate warmup into the mosey over to the garage.


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