The Experiment

AO: The Green Room

When: 02/15/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: Nemo,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Nemos

The BackBlast:

Warm Up:

Motivators x7 + 3 burpees

Tap tap tap + 3 burpees

Mountain Climbers + 3 burpees

Motivators x4 + 3 burpees

Shoulder circles + 3 burpees

Quick mozy around parking lot + arm swings



In group: 2 mins timed worth of merkins + Jog the Lake trail

Paired with High Performer: 2 mins timed worth of merkins + Jog the Lake trail

In group: 1 minute timed worth of mountain climbers + Jog the parking lot

Paired with High Performer: 1 minute timed worth of mountain climbers + jog the parking lot



Group Mary, pick an exercise, end with American Hammers


Write up and Results:

1913 French Scientist Maximillian Rangleman conducts an experiment in which he asks his students to pull on a rope…both individually and in groups…while he measured the force exerted. The force grew with every person added….but the average force for each person applied…fell. Rather than amplifying the power of individuals, the act of pulling as a team caused each person to pull less hard than they had when pulling alone. Researchers coined this phenomenon “Social Loafing.” The less identifiable one’s effort is…the less effort they put in.

So can Social Loafing be overcome?

Researchers art Fordham University wanted to see if one person giving maximum amount of effort…could incite others in the group to improve performances. They grouped shouters in pairs to measure the decibel of their shouts. But before they were told to begin, they told them that the person they were paired with was a “high effort performer.” In the measured results, the pairs screamed just as loud together…as they had alone.

The knowledge that a teammate was giving their all….was enough to prompt others to give more themselves. High effort, or even just the knowledge of high effort….is transferable.

Social Loafing can be counteracted. The antidote = the knowledge that someone else in the group is leaving nothing in reserves…they are giving their all.


Results from the Experiment:

Sumo (Group Merkins = 65) (Paired with High Performer = 70)

Throttles (Group Merkins = 57) (Paired with High Performer = 60)

Amtrak (Group Merkins = 56) (Paired with High Performer = 72)

Lemond (Group Merkins = 44) (Paired with High Performer = 53)


Sumo (Group Mountain Climbers = 25) (Paired with High Performer = 30)

Throttles (Group Mountain Climbers = 27) (Paired with High Performer = 27)

Amtrak (Group Mountain Climbers = 30) (Paired with High Performer = 33)

Lemond (Group Mountain Climbers = 33) (Paired with High Performer = 34)



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