When: 11/20/2020


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Eskimo, Kodak, Lady Bug,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Combine, RG3, TheSituation, Cyclone, Rancid

QIC: Kodak

The BackBlast:

11/20 F3Evanston : ‘The Countdown’
YHC (Your Humble Correspondent) was pretty excited for the opportunity to meet and lead the men of F3Evanston. This group has been growing strong and I’ve only heard great things about their growth, comradere and community.
Conditions : Unusually Warm!! 50’s w/ a strong wind
Pax : RG3, McFlurry, TheSituation, Eskimo, Combine, Cyclone (FNG – Welcome!), Rancid, LadyBug, Kodak (QIC).

– Imperial Walkers
– Windmills
– BreakDancers
– Mosey

Partner 600m Run + shared sets of
– Burpees
– Jungle Boi Squats ‘@ Spoonz Style’
– Hand Release/Release Merkins
– Big Boy SitUps

Rinse and repeat but subtract (10) from 40-count each lap.
(40 reps ea exercise, then 30, 20, 10 – finish as a team, run a lap)

– 2x No-Surrender + Broad Jump (30m)
– Bear Crawl return
– Lunge Out
– Crawl Bear Return

– Flutter Kicks
– Thor (4:1 Am Hammer:BBSU)
– Mtn Climbers / Plank 10-count
Mission of F3
Credo of F3

Count-o-Rama / Name-o-Rama
– LadyBug mentioned the Service work the men did yesterday; is open for more opportunities and suggestions
– Kodak invited all to F3OakPark for a Q-School on 11/21; Beatdown 0700-0800, Schooling begins at 0830.
– Welcome FNG Cyclone who gave a good biography, but a terrible poker face when the suggestion of his college rivalry team came up. During coffeeteria, his Hawkeye kit showed evidence of a committed Alumni.

Closing comment : Durability. Durability is a condition that is stregthened through hardship and chaos. It’s what we do when we come out in the dark and cold winter months and workout together. It’s what we gain by leading a group of men through a workout. It is a condition like Fitness, Fellowship and your personal Faith that can be accelerating or deccelerating.
I challenge the men of F3ETown to examine their durability and push it to become stronger.

T-Claps to the F3E-Town men for getting together and serving the community. Doing hard stuff in the early dark hours of the day is one thing, but there is no better way to tighten a bond than to serve together.
Good job. /Kodak Out!!

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