AO: The Main Event

When: 05/06/2022


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Grace, Mayhem, My Buddy, Redick, Slick Back, Sloan, Smails, Terps,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brother Bluto

The BackBlast:

Pre-Blast:  Come join YHC as we celebrate another trip around the sun.  Bring Coupons! This year there will be no tour of the AO, no existential journey, no narrative- just a bunch of work!…and a theme…and a playlist.  HC Below.

WoR- “Working for the Weekend”- Loverboy (From 1981, just like me!); Old Time Rock N Roll-Bob Seger (Happy Birthday Bob! and I am an old curmudgeon too)

F3 is a free workout held outdoors, open to all men, peer lead in a rotating fashion, and ends in a CoT.  I know some of your injuries (damn complainers) but not all of them, so modify as necessary.

  1. Alarm Clocks x5; Seal Claps x10; Overhead Claps x10; Arm Circles (8ea arm)= 41 Reps
  2. Side Straddle Hops= 41 Reps
  3. Abe Vigodas x10; Tappy Taps x10; Imperial Walkers x10; Goof Balls x11= 41 Reps
  4. High Knees in Cadence x20; Butt Kickers in Cadence x21= 41 Reps

Thang 1:  Coupons! Low- Cracker (Smails Playlist Demand); Birthday- Beatles (because they say its my birthday); Against the Wind- Bob Seger (Happy Birthday Bob);

5. 21s Curls; 20 Reverse grip curls= 41 Reps

6. Curls= 41 Reps

7/8. Overhead Press x20; Coupon Swings x20; Dead Lift x21; Overhead Press x 21= 82 Reps (41 +41)

9. Thrusters x21; Goblin Squats x20= 41 Reps

10. Rocky Balboas in Cadence= 41 Reps

Thang 2: Times Tables- The Reaper- Blue Oyster Cult (Grace Request; and as you get older you fear the Reaper!); Drift Away- Uncle Kracker (Reddick Recommendation- and I am drifting away from youth);  Stayin Alive- BeeGees (still kicking it in the beatdown, and in life (now that I am solidly in my 40s)

11. Burpees in cadence x10; Mountain Climbers (oyo) x20; Sailor Jerrys x11 (these were BRUTAL)= 41 Reps

12. Picnic Table Raises (or Coupon calf raises with a shrug) x20; Table Press (or coupon shoulder press) x21 = 41 Reps

13. Dips= 41 Reps (also Brutal)

14. Box Jumps x20; Step Ups x21= 41 Reps

Thang 3- Merkins! In Da Club- 50 Cent (we gonna party like its your birthday!); Fat Lip- Sum 41 (Not a great song, but its the Theme after all)

15. Urkins x10; Derkins x10; Hand Release Merkins x10; Diamond Merkins x11= 41 Reps

16. Finger Tip Merkins x6; Regular Merkins x35 = 41 Reps (feeling destroyed by now)

MARY- Alive- Pearl Jam (Im still alive (at 41 and after this ass kicker))

17. Squats (in cadence)= 41 Reps

18. Bonnie Blairs x20; Anton Apollo Onos x21= 41 Reps

19. Plank Jacks x20; Terps Taps x21= 41 Reps

20. Flutter Kicks x20; American Hammers x21= 41 Reps

We had extra time, so we did:

21. Big Boys x41

22. 100 second Plank

Totals: 22 Exercises: 861 Reps; 125 Merkins (challenge); 100 Seconds of Plank (challenge);  82 Squats (need 18 to complete your goal)

Name O Rama; CoT-

“Middle Age is when you still believe you’ll feel better in the morning”- Bob Hope.  I am now solidly middle age, and this is true with F3.  Every day I am in the gloom, my day is better!

Naked Man Moleskin-

Smails presented me with a fantastic canvas picture which is in the pic below (I have to hide that in my office somewhere!)- Thank You!

Speaking of weather…Mayhem had us running in the rain on Tuesday and that sucked…so I had us stay under the pavilion.  I still left soaked.  And Mayhem was in the parking lot when I arrived running laps (in the rain) and doing pullups- because he figured I wouldn’t incorporate either of those…and he was 100% spot on!

Sloan brought the energy today per usual- Ill have “Come On Now” in my head all weekend!

Slickback was right in front of me…giving it max effort…crushing the overhead presses!

Grace pumped out the Merkins- the rest of struggled in awe!  This beatdown fit your skillset nicely! Thanks for the cigar as well- let’s play some golf this week!

My Buddy making it out was a treat!  He isnt able to come out as often, but he didnt miss a beat!

Reddick was the only one who recognized the band Sum 41 (musical savant as he is), and didn’t like them either, but appreciated the theme (or was really good at letting me feel as if he did!)

I apologized to Terps about all of the shoulder work afterwards- he pointed out that we are in our 40’s and will have some aches and pains to deal with.  And now as I am officially in my 40’s, this beatdown will have some lasting effects!

Thanks for helping me celebrate fellas!  Cheers!



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