St. Pat’s Special


When: 03/16/2024


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cutter

The BackBlast:

17 strong gathered on a clear, crisp morning for a St. Pat’s-themed beatdown with a lil bit of competition…and a healthy dose of BURPEES!

Warmup (Baal Tinne soundtrack) – Mosey to top of garage to catch a 7am-on-the-dot sunrise. Abe Vigodas FWD/BKWD x10 IC; Imperial Walkers x15 IC; Don Quixotes x10 IC; Daisy Pickers x10 IC; Motivators from 10.

Thang 1 :: Top of the Morning (Baal Tinne Soundtrack) – Plank Relay Race. Pair off by even fitness level and split into 2 teams. Line up facing west as pax perform plank variations while pairs sprint to other end of garage and back. Plank variations included: Right Plank, Left Plank, Shoulder Taps, Plank Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Low Plank, High Plank. Winning team does Burpees x8 emom for 5 minutes. Losing team does Burpees x10 emom for 5 minutes. Mosey to Scoville. Wroth noting that the sunrise was beautiful atop the garage.

Thang 2 :: The Blarney Battle (Pogues Soundtrack) – Bomb Squat Showdown. Atop Scoville hill, same teams lined up facing one another about 15 ft apart. Same pairs meet in the middle for race to complete 5 bombs while pax do squats and cheer. Loser has 5-Burpee penalty. Deemed a tie, all pax do 4×4’s x5 emom for 5 minutes (modified from 1 minute to 1:15 to give more time and ultimately modified from five to four 4×4’s). Everyone kissed the “Blarney Stone” statue before moseying over to Austin Gardens. Worth noting that we arrived atop Scoville at the exact moment that the OP Running Club was converging. They were treated to quite the spectacle!

Thang 3 :: The Emerald Isle (Soundtrack Pogues)  – Around the Emerald Isle Relay Race. Same teams lined up as pairs raced in opposite directions around the smaller loop on northeast end of Austin Gardens while rest of pax did SSH. Losing team did 10 Burpees. Winning team graciously did 5 Burpees. Finished off with pairs working together to complete tag team to 100 merkins. Mosey back to Wreck Center in middle of field.

Mary (Soundtrack Pogues) – Big Bois on Q’s up x25; American Hammer x30 IC.

CoT – Gratitude to fellas for coming out to the special St. Pat’s workout. Reflection on F3 and YHC’s struggle with off-and-on commitment over the years. Reference to Chris Farley SNL skit when he asks Paul McCartney: “Remember when you said…that in the end…the love you make…is equal to the love you take. Is that true?” In all honesty, YHC has struggled with commitment lately and has not done the best job at upholding responsibilities as Eagle’s Landing Site Q. Felt good to pour a lil more energy into Q-ing a special workout. Reminder to fellas that the more you put into F3, the more you get out of it. And that this whole thing we all love doesn’t run itself. Invitation for fellas to join YHC for a celebratory Guiness. (check slack for announcements). Cutter out

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