AO: The Main Event

When: 10/14/2022


Number of Pax: 5

Pax Names: A-Aron, Cliff Clavin, Denari, Pong, Sloan,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Pong

The BackBlast:

A chilly autumn morning started out with a quick warmup –

  • Arm Circles x12 (forward and reverse)
  • Side Straddle Hop x30
  • Shoulder Stretch
  • Tappy Taps x15
  • Quad Stretch

The Thang – Rotating a run around the AO (1/3 mile) to a coupon/fitness court circuit.  Each exercise done for 1 minute with a 20 second break between.  After the circuit we did another lap around the AO (adding up to a mile).

  • Run around the AO
  • Pull ups
  • LBC’s
  • Squats
  • Coupon Curl
  • Flutter Kick
  • Coupon Overhead press
  • Box Jumps
  • Merkins

In the end we only managed 2 rounds in the fitness court.  With the little time we had left we did a 100 second plank.

Shout out to Sloan.  Thanks for making it.  You’ll be missed.

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