Skilling It


When: 02/28/2024


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names:

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Sheriff

The BackBlast:

Motivators from 8
Mountain climbers 20
Merkin 25
Arm circles


The work
Visibility – 13 man makers
Mosey farmer carry
Humidity – 75 curls
Murder Groundhogs
Current Temp – 33 Windshield Washers 2 is one of
Farmer carry
Air quality – 33 kettle bells
Lunges back to hub

Mosey around Pilgrim

ISOBARS – 45 reps for Skilling’s years as a forecaster in two rounds. Mosey around pilgrim between each rd
First round is 20 reps
Round 2 is 25 reps

Imperial squat walkers 1 is 1
Shoulder Taps 2 is 1
Overhead presses
American hammers 4 is 1
Squat w blocks

Freddie Mercury
Heels to heavens

COT – Tom Skilling has skills. The man loves weather. But I think his greatest skill is his ability to connect with people. He’s a giant in his field. And yet, has zero ego. He truly has enjoyed the ride of whatever weather is in the forecast. He is constantly marveling about isobars, barometric pressure, highs and lows, precipitation, pollen counts, humidity, sunrise, sunset, moons, equinoxes, and even the most boring weather day. He’s been doing this since I, Restore, was 10 years old.

We should be all be fortunate enough, when our careers are over, to look back and appreciate every moment of the ride. And know that all the people we’ve been in contact with are respectfully honored for our impact.

His entire industry has only good things to say about Tom Skilling. He is completing a career full of passion for sharing his passion. Let’s all go out and work on sharing our passion for what we do, and continue our journey to be better HIMs. So one day, we too, can look back with smiles on our faces.

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