AO: The Crown

When: 12/24/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: 8-Track, Bob the Builder, Cheddar, Combine, Crimson, Cyclone, Lady Bug, Lemond, RG3, The Situation,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Combine

The BackBlast:

11 PAX showed up to help Santa with last minute preparations. 5 even put in an EC run of 3+ miles beforehand. Was a balmy one by the lake, no snow in sight, but that didn’t stop us from spreading the Christmas cheer.

Warm-o-Rama: standing snow angels (SSHs), candy canes, Don Quixotes, squats, runner’s stretch, walking plank.

Reindeer mosey. 25 burpee step ups to simulate falling on a roof and climbing back up. Reindeer mosey some more.

Santa’s Sweatshop (the thang): Reindeer Crawl definition – bear crawl while pulling a cinder block between your arms and legs to simulate a reindeer pulling a sleigh; Toy Soldier March – rifle carry toy block and march with high steps.

With toy block:

30x squat thrusters -> reindeer crawl 30 yds -> 30x shoulder shrugs -> toy soldier march back

30x curls -> reindeer crawl 30 yds -> 30x swings -> toy soldier march

Mosey to benches. Partner up. Complete 100 step ups as a team. One PAX does reps while partner runs 50 yds and back. Mosey back for more Santa’s Sweatshop.

30x windshield wipers -> reindeer crawl 30 yds -> 30x alt merkins -> toy soldier march

30x presses -> reindeer crawl 30 yds -> 30x toy block jump overs -> toy soldier march

Borrowed @Rancid’s Holidoomsday Clock idea. PAX circled up in plank position. Each one took turns doing a merkin and yelling Ho-Ho-Ho! Proceeded clockwise until one PAX remained.

Jingle Bell Rock was next. To the tune of Jingle Bell Rock we did high knees or butt kickers. At every “Jingle Bell” we did one set of shoulder taps. There were a lot of “Jingle Bells.”

Did some Mary to end. Snow angels, penguins, plank jacks, and LBCs.

Closed with a prayer asking that whatever we have be enough. Asked for the safe return of all PAX traveling. May they come back to us with full hearts. As those that celebrate Christmas conduct final preparations, let the stress of the holiday season melt away, let the true meaning of togetherness find its way to each of us. And may anyone feeling alone or lonely know that they are loved.

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