AO: The Crown

When: 01/13/2023


Number of Pax: 14

Pax Names: Bob the Builder, Combine, CR7, Crimson, Falafel, Fatone, Lady Bug, Lovejoy, McFlurry, Ned Ryerson, RG3, Sinbad, Sweet n Low, The Situation,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Combine

The BackBlast:

Conditions: not too cold when the wind wasn’t blowing. Was like Cyclone was out there with us during the blustery moments.

Warm-O: mountain climbers, Abe Vigodas, overheads, seal claps, thigh and calf stretches, Imperial squat walkers, runner’s stretch, Spiderman merkins, monkey humpers

Thang 1: mosey to east campus for 30 dips, 20 step ups, and 10 step overs

Partner up – with partners facing each other, teeter totter to 100 (partner 1 stands while partner 2 squats, partner 2 stands while partner 1 squats)

30 dips, 20 step ups, 10 step overs

Partner up again – partner 1 does burpees, partner 2 runs across the pitch and back, switch places to 50 burpees

Thang 2: mosey to north goal line

Inch worm for 10 yards with merkin at the bottom, worm inch back

Bearpees – bear crawl 10 yards with burpee at each 5-yard line, crawl bear back, burpees at each 5-yard line

Crab walk 10 yards with oh yeahs at each 5-yard line, walk crab back with oh yeahs at each 5-yard line

So nice, we did it twice (some audible grumbles)

Thang 3: mosey to steps at west side of campus

Ascending testicles, started at 10 derkins, moved feet to top of steps for 10 more derkins

Dirty hookups to 10

Electric chair for 1 minute

Mosey back to east side of campus

Circled up for Mary – duck duck flutter goose: flutter kicks in a circle while one Pax ran around the circle, rotated through all 14 Pax

Ended with some mountain climbers. Held a moment of silence for Cardinal.

CoT: Sometimes the reminder to live in the moment is right in front of us. Sometimes it’s not as obvious. I’ve been caught looking into the distance at what I want and what I’m working towards at the expense of overlooking the moment right in front of me. Everyday is a gift, every hour is a collection of moments. Let’s not waste ’em.

We offered prayers for Cardinal, his family, and his brothers in F3 Knoxville. Offered prayers for our cancer warriors and one Pax’s daughter who is facing her own struggles. I told the guys I love them. I meant every word of it.

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