AO: The Main Event

When: 04/01/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Barbara, Bodie, BROTHER BLUTO, Denari, Grace, Hungry Caterpillar, My Buddy, Shake and Bake, Slick Back, Sloan, Smails,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Nacho Libre

The BackBlast:

So I says to myself, “Self, why don’t you Q in April when the weather warms up?”  Fast forward to April 1st and here we are working out in sub 30 degrees in a parking lot that creates a vicious little wind tunnel.  Needless to say, everyone was freezing but no one outside of yours truly complained.  I think Grace and Brother Bluto wore shorts?!  I was certainly impressed by the toughness.

For those that don’t know, I’m not a fan of slack so Barbara was nice enough to post my preblast and Denari was kind enough to send me the HC’s.  Many thanks, Gentlemen.

Warm-a-rama: Motivators from 7 (I hate motivators and I only did them to warm up), 10 tappy taps, 10 Abe Vigotas, 10 arm circles forward/backward/seal claps/overhead claps/Moroccan disco dancers (weren’t allowed to put our arms down so this burned just a touch)

Thang 1: Crazy 5’s workout – We made it through 4 rounds of 5 exercises in cadence running a loop after each and adding 5 reps after each run.

Round 1 : 5 merkins, 5 thrusters, 5 waiter curls, 5 Bobby Hurley’s, 5 hydraulics, ran a loop

Round 2: 10 merkins, 10 thrusters, 10 waiter curls, 10 Bobby Hurley’s, 10 hydraulics, ran a loop

Round 3: 15 merkins, 15 thrusters, 15 waiter curls, 15 Bobby Hurley’s, 15 hydraulics, ran a loop

Round 4: 20 merkins, 20 thrusters, 20 regular curls (waiters became too much), 20 Bobby Hurley’s, 20 hydraulics

Thang 2: Regional Tire Throwing Championship and muffin bake-off!*

Each HIM had an opportunity to discus throw a tire with the top 3 farthest throws going to a final round to determine a champion.  All other HIMs did side straddle hops waiting for their turn.  This was one of the more unique regional qualifiers because I had no odds on favorite.  I was starting to get nervous as the first 7 throws landed in about approximately the same spot.  Slick Back might have had the group by centimeters. Things loosened up when Brother Bluto cleared the pack with a nice toss.  However, he was soon eclipsed by Sloan, Denari, and Grace.  In the championship round it was all Denari as he left all competitors in his wake.  Final Results: 3rd Place – Grace; 2nd Place – Sloan; 1st Place – Denari.  Congratulations to our La Grange Champion as he will join Sun Devil, Buttermaker, Blues Clues, Blue Prints, Baby Hands, 1 Bar, Patchouli and our two at large competitors Moonlight and Mr. Belding in the finals.  For those of you that couldn’t make it or want a chance at redemption (<cough> Brother Bluto <cough>), keep an eye out for when Nacho Libre next Q’s The Bear as that will be the final regional qualifier.

*The muffin bake-off was cancelled due to time constraints and possible nut allergies.

Mary: Thor’s Ladder to 6-24

COT: You really had to be there for this one as I described a recent “medical procedure” I went through.  The gist of it, though, was that it’s easy to brighten someone’s day when you are in a good mood and have everything going for you.  It’s a hell of a lot harder to brighten someone’s day while in pain and as someone hovers over you with a scalpel.  As F3 HIMS, I know what you are capable of so I challenge you to brighten someone’s day even when you are having a bad one.  Not only will be you making your community a slightly better place but you will be making yourself better as well.  Ended with a quick prayer – God help me to remember I will face nothing today that you and I together can’t handle.

Other notes: Good luck to My Buddy and Denari in handling the noise complaints from my ridiculously loud music during warm a rama.  I’m sorry but “Vehicle by Ides of March” just doesn’t sound right unless it makes your eardrums bleed a little.  The screaming during the tire toss might have been a bit overboard as well.  Either way, I certainly appreciated the energy out there today.

I only got a taste of Bode’s ball busting today but I think this guy might have a real gift.  Bring that talent to the Iron Lion or The Bear where it will be fully appreciated sometime.

I never stopped talking for more than 90 seconds the entire workout yet my two FNG’s, Shake and Bake and Barbara said a combined 3 words the entire time.  That must be why we get along so well.

Hungry Catepillar smiled for like 80% of the workout.  It was delightful and somewhat scary at the same time.  It’s kind of awesome.

Smails reminded me that I’m a southside Cubs fan which makes me slightly less popular than a bloody nose.  Denari then called us both idiots.

Great time today, and I appreciate you letting me Q today.  Thank you to everyone who came out and hope to see you all tomorrow for Shake and Bakes’ VQ!



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