AO: Wreck Center

When: 05/07/2021


Number of Pax: 11

Pax Names: CowboyMouth, Cutter, FVI, Giuliani, HoJo, Lead Pipe, LED, Malort, Pebbles, Rossy, Tron,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cutter

The BackBlast:

Fourteen long months after COVID threatened our way of life, 6 strong pax gathered to perform a baseline fitness assessment for the Phoenix Challenge—a 6-week push that will help us all exit the pandemic stronger than we entered it.

Warmup: Abe Vigodas fwd/bkwd x15 IC; Imperial Walkers x15 IC; Daisy Pickers x10IC; Mountain Man Poopers x10 IC; SSH x25 IC; Sideline to Sideline High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffle, Jog.

US Army Physical Fitness Test: Merkins AMRAP (2 min); Big Bois AMRAP (2min); 2-mile run

Merkins Results:

  • FVI – 24
  • Giuliani – 34
  • Rossy – 70
  • Cowboy Mouth – 60
  • Tron – 68
  • Pebbles – 70
  • Lead Pipe – 12
  • LED – 41
  • hOjOh – 50
  • Malort – 27

Big Bois Results:

  • FVI – 45
  • Giuliani – 49
  • Rossy – 58
  • Cowboy Mouth – 46
  • Tron – 33
  • Pebbles – 53
  • Lead Pipe – 29
  • LED – 24
  • hOjOh – 47
  • Malort – 31

2-Mile Run Results

  • FVI – 17:28
  • Giuliani – 17:50
  • Rossy – 16:03
  • Cowboy Mouth – 14:33
  • Tron – 17:17
  • Pebbles – 15:40
  • Lead Pipe – 20:33
  • LED – 15:35
  • hOjOh – 15:37
  • Malort – 20:28

Here’s a link to scoring. It’s a sliding scale by age.

CoT: Fourteen months ago, COVID came and we entered a total lockdown. All sense of normalcy vanished. Isolated in our houses, we worked from home. Schooled from home. And stared into screens all day long. Unable to see family. Unable to visit friends. Stuck. Yet while the most of the world ground to a halt, from F3 sprang an oasis of activity. Small groups of men met one another in the early morning. Working out together. Pushing each other further. Putting in the much-needed work to stay healthy. But that wasn’t all we were doing. We were also forging new relationships. Strengthening existing relationships. Creating community. And bettering ourselves so we could better the world around us. When I look around our F3 community, I know I’m not the only one who is stronger today than I was 14 months ago. Each and every one of the men that are a part of our community are too. Thanks to F3, we all are exiting this pandemic stronger than we entered it. And over the next 6 weeks, with this one last big push, right when the grip of this pandemic starts to release, we’re going to blast out of it with all the strength we need to make the most out of the opportunity that lies ahead of us. Opportunities to be better husbands. Opportunities to be better fathers. Opportunities to be better friends. Because, like the Phoenix that emerges from the ashes anew, we too will emerge anew. Welcome to the Phoenix Challenge. Together we rise.

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