AO: Wreck Center

When: 05/13/2023


Number of Pax: 17

Pax Names: Bergundy, Bronco, Debs, Don Jr., Dos, Gold, Klinger, Lead Pipe, Lord of the Dance, Public Access, Shiplap, Silver Spoon, Slider, Troll, Uno, Zima,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Silver Spoon

The BackBlast:

Warm O’Rama
• SSH – 20x
• Imperial Walkers – 20x
• Daisy Pickers – 15x
• Don Quixotes – 20x
• Hillbillies – 16x
• Little Baby Arm Circles 12x fwd, 12x bwd
• Seal Clap – 12x
• Overhead claps – 16x
• Lap round field

Station 1: Field Swimming
400M Individual Medley – 4 lengths of the pool, 4 different strokes
1. Bear Crawl up field
5 Burpee (flip turn)
2. Crawl Bear down field
5 Burpee (flip turn)
3. Lunge Walk up field
5 Burpee (flip turn)
4. Backward run down
5 Burpee (finisher)

Station 2: Circuits @ Benches/Wall
Derkins IC 15
Dips IC x 15
Wall sit 45/15
Ballz2Wallz – 45 degree 45/15
Wall sit 45/15
Ballz2Wallz – 180 degree 45/15
Dips IC x 15
Derkins IC 15
Lap Around field

Station 3: Field Corners
Escalating Stacked Cardio
All Circuit exercises are IC, complete all exercises in escalation (a new exercise is added, and every prior exercise is repeated starting at 10x IC up to 50x IC)
• 10x WWII
• 20x Mountain Climbers
• 30s Plank
• 40x Freddy Mercury
• 50x SSH

Station 4: Mary
Escalating Stacked Abs
All Circuit exercises (abs only) are 15x IC, complete all exercises in sequence
• Wolverines x 10
• Flutters x 20
• Box Cutters x 20
• Heel taps x 20
• American Hammers x 20
• LBC x 20
• Dealer’s Choice
• Bronco – Goof Balls x 20
• Lead Pipe – Monkey Humpers x 15
• Troll – Standing Heel Taps x 20

Coming up to my two year manniversary with F3. When I think about the last two years and all the workouts and all the fellowship, I’m just in honor of all the HIMs who helped me along the way and push me every day to be better. I’m encouraged by all the PAX who show up, do the work and push us all to be better. I encourage you all to stretch yourselves and reach out to someone or you don’t know so well, not living healthy lifestyles (our Sad Clowns) and invite them to be part of F3.

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