OTB @ The Crown

AO: The Crown

When: 08/21/2021


Number of Pax: 7

Pax Names: Borland, Combine, Eskimo, Kenny G, Lady Bug, RG3, Voodoo,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: WildThing,Bucky

QIC: Ladybug

The BackBlast:

Guys missing Friday due to new work schedules and family commitments beyond our control?  We have a solution for that, welcome to the Saturday OTB at The Crown.  A sort of test run for a new Saturday workout to get some of our favorite PAX back in the fold.  Good to have these HIMs back in the rotation, we’re a better group for it.  They accelerate the group each and every time they post.


Warmups – Abe Vigodas, Motivators, stretching


Thang 1 – mosey to wall of pain (long way around).  60 ea of merkins, step-ups and flutter kicks.  Mosey back to field for next evolution.


Thang 2 – since we’re in the midst of the IronPax Challenge 2021, YHC decided to re-visit and oldie but a goodie.  We ran the IPC2020 week 0.  50 squats, 40 BBSUs, 30 merkins, 20 Bonnie Blairs, 10 burpees & finish with a 400m run.  Rinse & repeat for 4 laps.  Best time from last year was in the mid to low 20s.  We came close, still a little work to do on our part but had some fun nonetheless.




COT – prayers for Voodoo’s friend Danny J who passed away unexpectedly from cancer, continued prayers for my cousin Brett’s family as they mourn the loss of 5-yr old Jolene June and 8-Track’s grandmother-in-law as she comes to the end of her life’s journey.


YHC sometimes has difficulty coming up with sage advice/words for the group since I am surrounded by so many good men of F3 Evanston.  I quite often suffer from imposter’s syndrome, not knowing what I might be able to add to the group.  As I thought about what I might talk about post-workout, I watched Borland’s 2 boys (Michael & William, ages 10) go through the workout and follow their dad around the field in a manner reflective of two happy, well-adjusted kids.  Then it struck me (again), folks at home don’t care about how fast we can run, how many merkins we can do or what other feats of strength we may or may not boast about.  What they care about it is are we present fathers, are we present spouses/partners, are we able to be counted on when called.  I am present because of this group, because of the men I choose to surround myself with each week.  I watch & learn from these men every time I have the chance to be around them.  I watch how they carry themselves, I watch how they speak to each other, speak to me.  More importantly, I watch to see how they interact and speak with their children.  Their Shorties.  Besides the M, these are the next closest ring on a HIMs concentric circle on the target of life.  This is part of my WHY.



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