AO: City Limits

When: 01/06/2021


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Bronco, Cutter, Fogger, Footloose, Hot Lips, Kodak, My Buddy,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Linus

The BackBlast:

CONFESSION: I’m not smart. I say that because I’m having difficulty adding in the remaining 5 PAX who participated: Rossy, Doula, Alliance, Scrooge, Kipling.

WEATHER: 29/Cloudy

PAX: 15 PAX 13 PAX Hahahahahahaha


  1. Side straddle hops (14 x 4ct)
  2. Abe Vigoda (7 forward/7 backward x 4ct)
  3. Cherry pickers (14 x 4ct)
  4. Hip “rotators” (7 per leg x 1ct)


PAX 1 performs each exercise for 14 reps (14 reps for 14 days of quarantine)

  • Blockies
  • Coupon Curls
  • Coupon Tricep Extensions
  • Coupon Squats
  • Coupon Straight Leg Deadlift

While PAX 1 does exercises, PAX 2 performs Crawl Bears on the incline of the parking garage, Backpedals the flat, and then Crawl Bears on the second incline. Once PAX 1 finishes execises, he sprints to find his PAX 2 and picks up wherever his partner was/is. PAX 2 runs from his position to where PAX 1 was, and performs the same exercises. Rinse. Repeat. The only variant on the Crawl Bears/Backpedaling portion was that Round 1 was Crawl Bears on the inclines with Backpedaling on the flat. Round 2 is Backpedaling on the inclines and Crawl Bears on the flat.


A PAX was in the hospital with his wife waiting for the delivery of their child. Thoughts and prayers were asked for that PAX and his familly. A Meal Train was in process of being started for the PAX and family so that time could be spent with one another than shopping/making food.


A friend of a friend took his life last night. I didn’t know him, but it reminded me of a Maya Angelou quote where she said, “If you must look back, do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present…gratefully.” Now. I got the quote correct here, but I butchered the hell out of it this morning. Sorry about that. It was a reminder, a call, to pick up the heaviest object in the world: the phone. Notwithstanding mental illness and with no judgment for or toward those who have chosen this painful path, it was begged of each PAX to take care of each other and pick up the damn phone.

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