AO: The Main Event

When: 08/31/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Beaker, Denari, Grace, Old Man Bleu, Redick, Slick Back, Sloan, Smails, Stateville, Terps, Undercover Brother,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Brother Bluto

The BackBlast:

:boom: :boom: :boom: Pre-Blast for 8/31- The Main Event! Friday is the Iron Pax week 0 beatdown of merkins and running. :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:Let’s get prepped by doing NONE of those…we are going to lift, pull, push (not up), jump, lunge, climb and hit. But no running or merkins. Bring you, bring an FNG, and a smile: :hc: :point_down: 


67 and Sunny.  12 Pax converged at the Main Event.


Alarm Clocks x3

Batman Warm Up- Circles (f/b), Seal, Overhead claps (x10)

Downward Dog- oyo- first calfs (pulse), then walk hands out for hammy, then down to cat/camels for back

Yo-Yo Vaters- From 5- back t0- 5

Count o Rama- 12 Perfect.

Mosey to field for the Thang.

4 stations (3 Pax ea.  1 min per movement, 3 movements/minutes per station)

2 Rounds: Between each station Bearcrawl (round 1) and Lunge Walk (round 2) to the next station (approx 25 yds)

Station 1:  Sledgehammer

Round 1:  Move 1 :Sledgehammer Goblin Squat

Move 2: Flutter Kick

Move 3: Hydraulic Plank (hi to low)

Round 2:

Move 1: Iso Squat with hammer weight on one side

Move 2:  Side Plank (correspond with weight side)

Move 3; Star Jumps

Station 2: Coupons

Rounds 1 and 2:

1: Curls

2; Overhead Press

3: Coupon Press

Station 3:  Coupon Relay

3 Pax line up, pass coupon, do burpee, run to the end of the line

Do this for all 3 mins.


Station 4: Half Coupon

Round 1: 1: Flys

2: Plank Jacks

3: Lil Baby Crunches

Round 2: Single Arm Raises

2: “Terp” taps (plank shoulder taps)

3: Side Straddle Hops

Recover. Recover.


CoT- Sloan is the HIM.  Denari and I presented Sloan with the Sledgehammer because “Iron sharpens Iron” and he has posted 100 times in 104 opportunities in 2021 at The Main Event!! He is an inspiration to us all with his positive attitude, crazy work ethic and knowledge!  A true leader.


Naked Moleskin:  I had planned to not need as many coupons, but Sloan reached out asking if we needed coupons, or if he could bike, and I remembered that he would need to take the Sledgehammer home, so I asked him to bring all of his coupons.  Then his daughter was fussy last night, so he was going to fartsack, but being the HIM he is, Sloan felt obligated to bring all of the coupons.  It all worked out because Sloan is who he is.

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