AO: Eagles Landing

When: 02/17/2023


Number of Pax: 10

Pax Names: Alliance, Cutter, Duck Snort, Gold, Hackey Sack, Kodak, Lead Pipe, LED, Snork, TotalRecall,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Cutter

The BackBlast:

Been on a steady diet of miles and merkins this February. So thought I’d share with the crew. On coldest day of February, 10 strong pax gathered to finish the week strong.

WARMUP – SSH x25 IC; Don Quixote’s x20 IC; Daisy Pickers x10IC; Imperial Walkers x10 IC; Abe Vigodas Fwd/Bkwd x20 IC

THE THANG – Warrior run north around the high school and back. Stopped 4 times for 25 merkins OYO. Couple side missions for front runners to pick up the pace. One sprint for front runners. 4 miles covered.

NAKED MOLESKIN – Wanted to keep things simple and run as a group. The merkins stops helped. But it’s still tough to find run workouts that push everyone while keeping us together. All in all, it worked well. But I’ll keep looking for other approaches.

Announcements – Chili cook off at Sheriff’s. Bronco service project. Ragnar Wisco. Check details on Slack.

CoT – It’s easy to neglect intimacy. Being a good partner helps. But sometimes it takes extra effort. As the NYT’s said—Have more sex!

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