Memorial Day P.A.R.A.D.E.S.

AO: Wreck Center

When: 05/27/2023


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Babaji, Bergundy, Don Jr., Dutch Oven, Frenchy, Klinger, Lord of the Dance, Pebbles, Phileas, Public Access, Silver Spoon,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Pro Bono

QIC: Public Access

The BackBlast:

Warmup (on turf)
Abe Vigodas 25x each way in cad
Daisy pickers 12x in cad
Mountain man poopers 12x in cad
Side straddle hops 25x 4 counts
Bobby Hurleys 12x (OYO)
Apolo Ohnos 12x (OYO)
Imperial Walkers 4 count, 12x in cad
Old Man stretch 20 count each side
Finkle Swings 12 kicks each side

Partner up. Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 traverses 1/2 field doing lunges/ bear crawl / runs back.

Swap out and continue the exercise until the goal of reps is complete for the group. The exercises and reps are:
100 Plank Jacks
20 Apollo Creed Burpee (one arm burpees)
30 Reverse Crunch (bring knees to face)
40 Alarm Clock (aka turkish getups)
50 Dollies (like a jumping jack on your back)
60 E2K (like oblique crunches)
70 Sleeping Hillbillies

When pair of Pax complete, High knees out the west entrance to the Wreck Center, to east on Lake st, to wall next to RCRC.

Round 2 (if necessary)
Wall sits (1min)
Tricep Dips (20x OYO)
Derkins (15x OYO)
London Bridge (15 in cad)

Yoga to finish.
Down dog,
right leg stretch, to lunge, morning glory,
left see above
old man stretch, 20 secs left then 20s right

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