Marathon Training

AO: The Crown

When: 01/15/2021


Number of Pax: 8

Pax Names: Combine, Cyclone, Escobar, Lady Bug, McFlurry, Rancid, RG3, The Situation,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Ladybug

The BackBlast:

Low 30s and quite balmy for mid-January.  Although, for the 3 PAX who traveled south for the winter, feels like the North Pole.  8 strong showed up in the gloom for a LB-led beatdown where the theme was legs, legs, legs and some moar legs.  McFlurry was in his element as he set the pace for the rest of the group.  At 52 & fully into the Respect division at this point, it’s even more impressive to see him leading from the front.  This is why he’s a great choice to take over as 1st F Q in Evanston.

PAX – YHC, McFlurry, RG3, THE Situation, Cyclone, Combine, Escobar & Rancid (aka Mr Energy/Motivation).

Warmups – Vigodas, OHCs, Seals and big circles.  Mtn climbers.  Motivators (8).

Short mosey around the field (or as Rancid calls it, a Shosey).  Quick pain station, WMDs (wides, merkins, derkins).  Shosey to Thang.

THANG – “Marathon” training at the entrance of the Robert Crown entrance.  Everyone grabbed a coupon & we cranked up the tunes.

RUN 400 M, 26 hand-release merkins, RUN 400 M, 26 kettle bell swings, RUN 400 M, 26 BBSUs, RUN 400 M, 26 deadlifts, RUN 400 M, 26 squats, RUN 400 M, 26 overhead presses, RUN 400 M, 26 box jumps, RUN 400 M.

6 MoM – Flutter kicks, American hammers, box cutters, imperial walkers, elbow plank for 1 min & ended with everyone’s favorite Guantanamo.  Called it at 0652.

COUNT/NAME-O-RAMA – 8 count.  (PAX still forgetting their ages,,,)

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Both F3 Evanston shirts are now live, need some additional numbers to hit the minimum.  Go to MudGear and pre-order.  Reminder on upcoming 3rd F event on Feb 19th at 0830.   Volunteering at Connections for the Homeless food pantry from 0830-1100, need a few more HCs.  Filled two LT (leadership team) roles, 1st F Q is McFlurry & 3rd F Q is Combine.  TClaps to both of these HIMs on stepping up and filling these roles, both vital to our development & growth.  2nd F Q is yet to commit (EHing still in process by YHC).  Also looking to fill the role of ComzQ for Evanston.

PRAYER REQUESTS – YHC asked for a prayer request for his 1st cousin Patrick who is in drug rehab battling his demons.  He has a young family at home and it’s been a shock to the family to say the least.  We ask the Sky Q to keep an eye on Patrick and give him the necessary strength and hope he will need to overcome his addictions.

MUMBLECHATTER –  YHC continues to be amazed at the numbers and quality of the group during a pandemic and barely into a winter season.  I am blessed to be a part of this group and it drives me everyday to be 1% better just to keep up with the men in this group.  Everyday is a chance to be better men for our circles, to be friendlier, to listen more, to be positive & to carry the message.  Decide on your message and don’t waiver from it.  2020 was a rough year for a lot of folks, emotionally, physically, financially & otherwise.   We, as a group, consider ourselves lucky to have come out on other side relatively unscathed and feel like we’re slowly coming out of the smog.  We don’t take that for granted.  We won’t waiver from our belief that part of why we continue to show up is for fitness, true, but the real reason is the fellowship in this group.  We get to lean on each other when we happen to wonder into the smog or the smog finds us, we get to lend an ear or a shoulder to someone who’s struggling.  And we know that the other guy is ready to do the same.  It’s what us military guys call foxhole men, plenty of these in F3.  Not just in Evanston, they’re all around the Nation.  That continues to be my WHY.


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