AO: Donut Shop

When: 03/08/2023


Number of Pax: 13

Pax Names: Alliance, Bergundy, Cadaver, Giuliani, Kipling, Little Finger, Lord of the Dance, Mars, McFeely, Puck, RA, Sheriff, Sir Topham,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names: N/A

QIC: Sir Topham

The BackBlast:

Conditions: 37 deg F, cloudy, nice

Disclaimer and F3 Principles recited

Side Straddle Hops IC (15)
Abe Vigodas IC (10 forward/backward)
Seal Claps IC (10)
Don Quixotes IC (10)
Daisy Pickers IC (10)
Hillbillies IC (10)
Drive-by appearance by Meatloaf and Cutter on their run

Thang 1: Shamrock
Partner Up
Stem: 200 blockees (total between partners); help six at the end
Leaves: Curls, Squats, Bent Over Rows (10 each, one exercise per corner of the parking lot AKA each leaf)
One partner starts the stem while the other does a round of leaves, carrying coupon with farmer’s carry (each hand), rifle carry, and PAX’s choice; flapjack and repeat until blockees are complete

Thang 2: KODAK
5 each:
Knerkin IC
Overhead Press IC
Dips IC
Alternating Side Squats IC (2 is 1)
Kraken Burpee OYO

Freddie Mercury
American Hammers


Announcements: Beer Ruck this Saturday (3/11), March Fellowship dinner 3/22 @ One Lake Brewing, St. Patrick’s Day @ Chalmers’ house on 3/18, April is Unique Q month, couple others YHC is forgetting. Check Slack!

Circle of Trust: Next week is YHC’s one-year manniversary but YHC has several work conflicts so we celebrated early. Thang 1 was an homage to the first F3 workout YHC attended (thanks for the 200 blockee inspiration, Puck!), and Thang 2 was in honor of Kodak, who EH’ed YHC. Give it away, men!

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