Kodak 06.19

AO: Zoo Crew

When: 06/19/2021


Number of Pax: 12

Pax Names: Chick, GTL, Homer, Kodak, Lady Bug, Lemond, Percy, Rancid, Sand Man,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Brooks, Venti

QIC: Kodak

The BackBlast:

Four met at sunrise for an EC Run along lakeside. YHC was pretty stoked to get on the ZooCrew Q Sheet and make it downtown again. Figured – why not spend a ‘lil more time and catch some lakeside views. Great to see LadyBug first, a long-standing EC partner and committed friend I was also psych’d to see Rancid a Chick join us for the EC. Admittedly a ‘lil quick for my pace, but if you want to get fast, you have to run w/ faster men. Then we pulled up as pax were gathering in front of the LPZ Admin bldg, this is what we did …

Conditions : low-seventies with some wind; humidity present, but getting pushed east.

Pax : Listed above plus FNGs Brooks and Venti. Nice work brothers! Good job sticking it through.


  • SSH
  • Mtn Man Poopers
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Breakdancers
  • Abe Vagodas as last pax pulls up.
  • Mosey to soccer field : Fellowship Pace

Thang : 25 min AMRAP – Modified Kodak Phoenix Challenge 

  • 100m Field
  • Four Exercises
    • Burpee
    • Merkin
    • No-Surrenders
    • BBSU
  • Four Rounds before moving to next exercise
    • 20 reps burpee / run 100m + back
    • 15 reps burpee / run 100m + back
    • 10 reps burpee / run 100m + back
    • 5 reps burpee / run 100m + back
  • Next exercise (Burpees to Merkins to …)

Mosey back to start point : Pearls onna String to stick together

  • Flutter Kicks
  • American Hammers
  • Box Cutters
  • Thor

Thang : EMOM (5)

  • 4 BBSU
  • 6 Merkins
  • 8 Squats

Endex : Flutter kicks

COT : “My wife doesn’t care how fast I can run a mile or how much weight I can carry on my back. What matters to her is that I am present for my family every day. Personal physical goals are important, but remember to be a husband and dad first. Your legacy should start at home first.” (ItalianJob (F3Nation’s ComzQ)). This weekend is a great time to be celebrated as a father, but as we live our lives to be the best husbands, boyfriends, partners, what matters most to our M is how we make ourselves available at home and to what extent.

NakedMan Moleskin : Final pax showed up late as YHC was prepping to move out for a mosey. What I decided to do was pull back, recalibrate and lead one last warm-up exercise. The purpose of counting cadence and working together at the beginning is to get the pax working together and in-synch, Team connects; after warm-o-rama, guys get scattered in the mosey and the group gets unstable to some extent. We ran through 1 set of the first thing to come to mind and then took off … fortunately he was an FNG and jumped in at an organized portion rather than his 1st impression is chaotic team run. Don’t forget how you were welcomed into this outstanding group and take care of your FNGs./Kodak Out!


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