AO: The Green Room

When: 01/24/2023


Number of Pax: 4

Pax Names: Nemo, Sarge, Sumo, Waddle,

Number of FNGS: 0

FNG Names:

QIC: Waddle

The BackBlast:

A solid 30 degree morning saw 4 PAX in the gloom of the Green Room. Nemo, Sumo, Sarge, and Waddle in attendance

-Motivator fro 8
-Rollie Fingers – 10 ea arm ea direction (single arm giant arm wind up circles, trying to keep the arm in one circular plane)
-Leg Swings – 10 ea FB and SS ea leg
-Snake Hips – Standing and alternating lifting the hip and lowering the shoulder to mobilize spine
-Smelly Pits x 12 IC (while standing twist torso and swing one arm across chest while swinging the other arm up and behind your neck)
-Monkey Stretchers x 10 IC (holding toes, squat and round back then straighten legs and back)
-X-over Lunge x 12 IC
-Leprechauns x 20 IC
-Reverse Leprechauns x 20 IC (flaring lower leg and heel to the outside of hip and touching with same side hand)

Mosey to Jo Hill
-Partner Carry up Hill followed by Partner Jumpover Burpees x15
-Wheel Barrow down Hill followed by Partner Chair 1 min
-Partner Carry up Hill followed by Partner hop over while planking 1 min each
-Wheel Barrow down Hill followed by Partner dueling pistol squats
Mosey back to AO
-Partner High 5 BBSU x 25
-Partner Leg Throwdowns x 20
-American Hammer x 23 IC

CoT – Props to Nemo showing up and getting it done even with a bum shoulder. Keeping going and showing up despite setbacks like injury are a big part of being a HIM!

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