AO: The Main Event

When: 05/17/2022


Number of Pax: 15

Pax Names: A-Aron, BROTHER BLUTO, Damone, Geppetto, Hair Band, Mr. Burns, My Buddy, Pong, Redick, Slick Back, Smails, Terps, Undercover Brother,

Number of FNGS: 1

FNG Names: Glass Joe

QIC: Redick

The BackBlast:

*Scud also attended, couldn’t find him on the drop down:

F3 Q 5.17.22

“Going Down The Ladder”

Warm Up:

Motivators from 6

Tappy Taps x 10


Hip Flexors



Neck Rolls

Native American Run around AO


1st Cone: 

  • 40 pushups
  • 40 squats
  • 40 second plank


Sprint across field to the 2nd cone 


2nd Cone: 

  • 30 pushups
  • 30 squats 
  • 30 second plank


Bear Crawl to 3rd cone


3rd cone: 

  • 20 pushups
  • 20 squats
  • 20 second plank


Sprint across field to 4th cone


4th cone: 

  • 10 pushups
  • 10 squats
  • 10 second plank

Bear Crawl across field to 4th cone


Step ups – oyo

Box Jumps – oyo

Dips – oyo

Mountain Climbers x 25

Burpees x 10

Pull ups – 1 min x 3

LBC’s / LBSC’s – 1 min x 3

2 min wall sit


COT:  We constantly are juggling in our lives.  The main things we all juggle are family, friends, health, spirituality, and work.  The only ball that is made out of rubber is work, the rest are made out of glass.  If you drop them, they will break.



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