AO: Wreck Center

When: 06/26/2021


Number of Pax: 9

Pax Names: Cutter, Epic, Fogger, Footloose, Lead Pipe, Madoff, Päntsdrunk, Silver Spoon, Tron,

Number of FNGS: 2

FNG Names: Epic, Päntsdrunk

QIC: Madoff

The BackBlast:

CONDITIONS: 75* and humid to start, turning into rain


Motivators x 6, Imperial Walkers, Daisy Pickers, Abe Vigodas, Overhead Claps


Broke into 2 groups. Group 1 lined up behind a footwork ladder and group 2 lined up behind a set of cones. Each performed 3-4 rounds of of an exercise before switching lines.

Ladder exercises:

-2 burpees, 1 foot in each box, sprint to cone

-3 merkins, 2 foot jump in each box, sprint to cone

-5 squats, jump 2 boxes forward and 1 box back, sprint to cone

Cone exercises:

-2 burpees, slalom through cones, sprint to cone

-3 merkins, jump over cones, sprint to cone

-5 squats, side jump over cones, sprint to cone

Footwork ladder, sprint

THANG 2: RA Inspired Penalty Shootout

They say imitation is the the most sincere form of flattery. This thang is almost an exact copy of RA’s awesome baseball target throwing beatdown at City Limits a few weeks ago. We took turns kicking a soccer ball at a mini goal and performed a number of reps. 5 reps if we made the goal, 10 if we hit the goal or 20 if we missed it entirely.

Merkin, big boy, squats, Bobby Hurleys, lunges, Apollo Onos, walkout push ups, walking planks, flutter kicks, Freddie Mercury, burpees

COT: Anything truly valuable requires hard work to achieve. Whether it’s healthy relationship, career aspirations or fitness goals; stick with it, put in the work and you can overcome all obstacles.

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